Protecting a newborn

Adventurous: HBO presents Shoot Em Up starring Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci and Paul Giamatti at 9 pm on January 5. A mysterious man named Smith delivers a baby during a shootout and is then called upon to protect the newborn from ruthless criminals out to kill it. 

Pride of man-eaters

Animal Planet takes viewers into the heart of Africa to uncover the most notorious animals in the world with Big Five, Little Five. Each episode follows Michaela as he journeys by jeep, helicopter and horse into the territory of one of Africa’s most famous creatures.

In this episode, host Michaela Strachan travels to Kruger Park to find the pride of lions that are fast becoming legendary man-eaters — it is estimated that more than 100 Mozambique refugees are murdered by them each year. She joins the park’s board to discover why. Big Five, Little Five airs at 9 pm on January 5. 

Tough battle

Watch Jeet Jayenge Hum on January 5 at 9.30 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. The programme airs from Monday to Thursday at 9.30 pm. 

Culture of China

Discovery Travel and Living presents Kylie Kwong : My China at 10 pm on January 5.
In this episode, Kylie rediscovers her Chinese heritage, exploring the food and culture of the vast and enigmatic China.

Kylie finds herself in a school of fine cutting, failing miserably at pastry making. Yangzhou lies at the crossroads of the Grand Canal and is an ancient city known for its ultra refined dining and resplendent banquets.

So how did the culinary explorer end up in a muddy lake, pulling up roots?

Tune in to find out.