Parks as an ideal getaway

Parks as an ideal getaway


Parks as an ideal getaway

Bangalore’s umpteen parks not only double up as lung spaces but are a great pastime for people. There are those who stray out for an evening stroll. Youngsters find parks as an ideal study space. For children it’s a great playground.

Whatever the purpose, parks are one place people of all shapes and sizes, all age groups head straight to. For Manohar, parks have a perfect environment for study. He says, "There are a lot of disturbances at home with people dropping in, telephones ringing and my mother sending me on errands. During exams, I spend over four hours a day in a park nearer home. The early morning calm helps me focus better.”

Prashanth, an engineer in Microsoft, spends time in parks with his child. He reveals, “I have two days off on Sunday and on Monday. I am a regular at a park closer home where I come very often with my daughter,” he says and adds, “parks and gardens throughout the City have improved, thanks to the efforts of the BBMP.”

Bharati, an employee in Infosys, is fond of open spaces. “When I come home in the evening after finishing my office work, I rush to a park to rejuvenate my mind. I spend close to two hours under the shade of trees, chat with family members and neighbours. It truly energises me."

Andy Rebello regards parks as one of the finest spots to meet his girlfriend. “We meet at least twice a week in a park near her office. Both of us exchange information about the day’s happenings at our respective work places and at home. We don’t find any place as comfortable as this,” he opines.

For Krishnappa, a businessman, the park is an ideal place to practice gymnastics. He sweats in there for two hours in the morning and in the evening every day. "I was an athlete during my school days and made gymnastics a hobby in order to keep fit. I practice some exercises here which help me to burn extra calories," he adds.

Rekha, a housewife, visits the park frequently along with her neighbours. "Once I finish all the domestic chores, I tend to go out to breathe fresh air. I accompany my neighbours, spend half an hour there and watch people from all walks of life,” she says.