Looking back at the miracle that was

FOCUS ON YOUR GIFTS Miracles are happening all over the world. This year has been full of them. Bharat & Shalan Savur urge you to focus on the gifts

Looking back at the miracle that was

People are always blaming their circumstances... I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, they make them.
- George Bernard Shaw

This is how I’d like every reader to regard the year 2014: The miracle that was. This is how you create – yes, create - the best life for yourself. As George Bernard Shaw said, you need to make those circumstances. And you can because you are powerful. Look on 2014 as a miracle and you’ll open up your life to a greater miracle in 2015.

No need to make a list of what’s happened. Just let a grateful feeling linger in you so that it accompanies you on the path ahead. For happiness makes us grateful, but gratefulness keeps us happy.

Finding the X factor

Carl Jung, the renowned psychologist who treated many troubled people, concluded, “Every one of my patients fell ill because he had lost a spiritual idea... Not one was really healed who did not regain his spiritual outlook.”  This ‘lost spiritual idea’ was, in fact, gratitude.

Lose it and the world appears sad, difficult, bleak. Illness follows. If you aren’t receiving what you think is your due from a job, business, project, relationship, it’s because you aren’t focussing on what you’re already getting.

If you aren’t losing enough weight, it’s because you aren’t focussing on the weight you’ve already lost. If you aren’t healing quickly, it’s because you aren’t focussing on the progress your health has already made.

Counting your gifts

So, now is the time to focus on the gifts you’ve been showered with. How, did you ask? For seven days, write every thing that’s being gifted to you daily. For
example, if you find a rupee coin on the street, a rupee coin has been gifted to you.

When somebody pays you a compliment, you’ve been gifted with praise and the warmth with it. Similarly, you’ve been gifted with a fresh breeze cooling your sun-flushed cheeks, a new shoot from your potted plant, a calendar for the New Year...

Write them all down, don’t miss a thing. Within a day, you’ll find life gifting you, lifting you with the stuff you dreamt of! Focussing is creating.

Gazing at life’s wonders

You will also experience for yourself that when the mind is scattered, everything seems unmanageable, but when the mind is focussed, everything seems under control. Miracles are happening all over the world.

A professor at IIT is perfecting a microfluidic chip that needs just two ml of blood for tests as compared to the present five to ten ml, and promises a greater accuracy. Annie Murphy, aged 101, a teacher is coming out of retirement to motivate and encourage the unemployed.

Indeed, I insist, please don’t miss life’s wonders – where there were only seven wonders in the world, there are many more today.

Come out of the mists of misery by focussing on how things are getting better with each passing day. Come out into life’s luminosity! This is how you focus on your wellbeing.

Making it good

As George Bernard Shaw beautifully put it, “Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world”.

Remain grateful, too. It’s how you set incentives for joy and love and wellness - the miracles to be.

You make darn sure that good stuff, wonderful and positive stuff, goes into you, whether it is food, events, thoughts, habits and that this good stuff stays inside you. It’s what is within you that you carry with you into the New Year, the new life, the new job, the new relationship. For the old will appear fresh and new.

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