Composure in communication

The HR department of any organisation or company worth its salt will vouch for the fact that the receptionist is the face of the institution, especially when clients approach them for the very first time.

Therefore, it is imperative that the person or persons in the front desk should be aptly qualified, equable and pleasant both in looks and manners and certainly not give in to mood swings, impatience, discourteous nature thereby affecting the profits and goodwill of the company.

A story from our Puranas speak of four Manasa Putras of the creator Brahma who once went to meet lord Vishnu. Though they were very old men in terms of age, they appeared to be like mere youths as a result of their steadfast penance.

The doorkeepers of Vaikunta told them to go away because the lord happened to be resting at that moment. The four sages lingered on. The ushers used derisive language to drive them away. The sages, who had come there on urgent business, did not appreciate being treated lightly.

Their objection only encouraged Jaya and Vijaya to behave more discourteously. Their uncivilised behaviour put off the sons of Brahma effectively.

The sentries were cursed to be born on earth and experience the travails of being subjected to both bouquets and brickbats in life. It was only then, realisation dawned on the twosome. They wailed and apologised for their unacceptable behaviour, but the sages would not relent.

The commotion caused by the altercation awoke the lord. He stepped out and learnt about the incident.

He comprehended that his staff were being over-enthusiastic about doing their duty and in the process had compromised on their manners. When the matter was clarified to the sages, they said that they could not take back the curse, but could alter it for the lord’s sake. They offered two options to Jaya and Vijaya.

The duo could opt to live through seven births as devotees of the lord or finish their time on earth through three births, born as Rakshasas who would oppose the very lord they adored. Since the sentinels could not bear the thought of being separated from their God for a long time, they opted for the fast track.

Accordingly, they were born as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu in the Treta Yuga, Ravana and Kumbhakarna when the lord manifested himself as Rama and were born as Sishupala and Dantavakra during the Dwapara Yuga to fulfil their punishment and rush back to the lord at the earliest.

Though the divine sentries had crossed their limits in the name of performing their duty, their sincere devotion saved them from complete negation. Yet the fact remain a that a little deference on their part could have saved them from a possible debacle.

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