Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews


The Nrithya Lahari Kala Kendra Trust has been training young aspirants in Bharathanatya from the last 10 years.

Rupa Gireesh, a young dancer, teacher and choreographer has been training youngsters and there was a special dance programme to commemorate the “Dashamanotsava” on Saturday.

Five students opened the programme with a Pushpanjali, customarily followed by Alaripu in Thisra and Chaturashra, a Sloka on Ganesha, Saraswathi and Lakshmi.

“Ananda Narthana” - is a well known Krithi and young students changing the roles in quick succession performed the “Ashta Lakshmi” beautifully.

After the composition (Shringa Puradheeswari) on Saraswathi, an Astapadi (Jayadeva) and a devaranama - gave them a good opportunity to exhibit their Abhinaya skills.

No doubt these children will reach great heights with some more years of training. Throughout the recital, the melodious vocal music (Rohini Prabhunandan) was complementary to the dance, while Natuvanga (Rupa Gireesh) was inspiring. Betta Venkatesh on Mridanga, Shankara Raman on Veena, Vivek Krishna on Flute and percussion by Rahul - supported well.

Tribute to a maestro

A rich tribute was paid to Veena Venkata Giriyappa (1887-1952) under the auspices of the Bangalore Gayana Samaja. Prof. R. Visweswaran, senior musician, received the award at the programme.

Nallan Chakravarthy Murthy has composed Varnas, Keertanas on Devi, Dwadasha Thillana, Apurva raaga Kriti Manjari and many more. In the current academic session, Nallan Chakravarthy demonstrated few Thana varnas composed by him.

“Sri Ganeshwaram” in Kanakangi “Kamalapriye” in Kalyani and another in Charukeshi. He brought out all the salient features of the varnas. Prof. R. Visweswaran is not only known as a vocalist and a Veena player, but also a musicologist and an author.

He spoke and demonstrated on ‘Spirituality is the ultimate goal of music’. He illustrated through compositions in Varali, Devagandhari etc. It was thought provoking and useful. Srinivas demonstrated new trends in manufacturing Mrudanga.

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