Making a statement

Making a statement


Making a statement

From a religious symbol to a fashion statement, the veil has come a long way and is now a trend that is fast catching up among youngsters. It not only helps protect one from the sun, dust and cold but has also become an integral part of one’s wardrobe.

Anuradha Paul, a Bengaluru-based fashion designer, feels that the trend always existed. “In Western countries, royals used to consider veils as a style statement. Slowly, common people in the West also started wearing them as party wear.

In India too, the trend has caught on. The veil was mostly used either during weddings or by royals and middle-aged ladies. But nowadays, they are highly popular among youngsters. They are not only stylish and grand but also have a cute girly look.”

There are full and partial veils available in the market. There are also some with bows, clips and hair bands. “There are also veils attached to the hats that look classy and grand. So there is a vast variety available,” adds Anuradha.

Veils can be worn with shirts, coats, sweaters, long maxis, ‘salwar kameez’, ‘kurtas’ or jacket. One can choose from a range of plain, printed, and embroidered veils available in the market.

“I match my veil according to my attire. If I’m wearing a printed top, I wear a plain veil. If I am wearing a plain top, I wear a printed veil. There are a lot of printed veil designs these days like animal print, floral print, cartoon designs, funky print veil etc. Wearing a veil the correct way is very important as it could add colour to your overall clothing and also become a fashion statement,” says Sara, a student of The Oxford College of Arts.

Veils can also be worn every season. While many women wear veils during the summer to protect themselves from the sun, some wear them during the cold weather to keep themselves warm. In summer,  light colours and fabrics are used while in winters, dark colours like black, brown, red and green are ideal.

While cotton is the most preferred fabric, synthetic cotton and silk can also be experimented with. “Veil can be tied up effortlessly with just a single piece cloth and yet look stylish.

There are several different ways of tying a veil but ‘buff hijab’ is the most popular one. One can tie a veil based on their preference. Some like to cover only their head while there are some who like to cover half of their face. But whatever it may be, veils are in vogue,” says Maya, a young professional.

Ranjana N, a student, says, “These days women wear veils for more than one reason. And they are definitely useful during the extreme heat and shivering cold.”