One step at a time

One step at a time

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One step at a time

About a year ago, four friends from the same college came together as they were musically inclined and decided that they would do something for the music fraternity.

This led them to take some time off college, draw out a plan for a band and decide their line-up. That was the beginning of ‘Brahma Approaches’, a progressive metal band, with a twist.

They have a unique style of music and tracks as they combine various genres like trance, dubstep and techno. Although their songs contain minimal lyrics and vocals, the largely instrumental band cater to different concepts and themes about everyday life in each song.

The current line-up includes Sanjay Stevens on vocals and guitars, Akshay Bhimaya on the synth and vocals, Nithen Paul on drums and Cyril Muralidharan on bass. It is no surprise that the last year has been quite successful for them.

Their accolades include winning many events, especially ‘battle of bands’ event at different colleges. They have also played at various shows like ‘Garage Jam’, ‘Freedom Jam’ and at Alliance Francaise, although Sanjay recalls his best gig being at Acharya School of Architecture, for a fest called ‘Aeiforia 2014’, because of the massive crowd who were headbanging to their lyrics. 

However, coming this far has not been easy. Bound by financial constraints, the members lacked money for transport to participate in various gigs and money to pay music studios during jam sessions.

“There were a serious lack of gigs itself to showcase our talent,” says Sanjay. But the commitment they showed towards music and the will to make a mark in the metal scene is what has brought them thus far.

Sanjay, who is quite positive about the growing metal culture in the City, says, “Currently, the metal scene is at an all-time high with different festivals like ‘CultFest’ and ‘Big69’ and also round-the-clock gigs at smaller clubs, which provide a platform to promote young talent. This is the reason why metal has already caught up among many peopel. I think metal is finally getting the popularity it deserves,” he ends.