When the world is not enough...

When the world is not enough...

When the world is not enough...

Yes, they occupy space. But they also drain you off energy and deplete your enthusiasm. A new year is a good excuse to get rid of those unwanted things,
writes Alvina Clara.

Picture this: You open your refrigerator. It’s filled with stale stuff, eatables that have long past their expiry dates. Imagine the stink, the nauseating feeling. Even the fresh food, if any, will rot, by virtue of sharing the same space.

The same principle applies to life, too. When you clutter your mind with
unwanted things, chances are that you will lose out on the valuable stuff. Now, think of your home. Is it cluttered?

Clutter is mess; it bogs you down with its dark vibes all around. The jam-packed surroundings overload your mind, resulting in fatigue and illness. The accumulation of too much superfluous stuff is known to obstruct one’s peace of mind, creating unease on one’s sense of personal space.

Our internal world is intrinsically likened to our external world. Cultures all over the world have ancient traditions of spring-cleaning at the onset of seasons. As the year slips into a new one, it is the finest time to get rid of clutter and clear up your spaces for bright and positive oomph to fill in your life.

Let’s start with concurring to let go of anything that no longer serves its purpose. Clearing has the power to renovate life; de-clogging your inner world can have a far-reaching harmonious effect on every facet of your life, ushering in more bliss, charm, vigour and abundance.

Here go a few simple mantras to help you lead a renewed, clutter-free life this year:

Go through your wardrobes, closets and trunks; look for possessions that are futile and no longer handy. Inspect every corner of your dwelling place, be it your garage, office, kitchen, living room or bedroom. To start with, pick a heavy, suffocating and congested area that creates an uneasy, sulky feeling in you. Go through provisions in boxes, racks, cases and shelves. Ask yourself Do I really need this?, Is it
useful?, Should it be there?  If the answer is a certain ‘no’, then set them aside for discarding.

If the items are in good shape, you could opt for donating them to the needy and deprived. Stuff like clothes, utensils, bags, toys and the like could be beneficial to a lot of people – say an orphanage in your neighbourhood or an old-age home.

As you clear up the muddle, there are chances that you will discover hidden treasures, which were buried in the untidiness. Segregate the treasures from the trash. Things that you feel drawn to and know what to do with, can be kept. Things that you are not so sure of, can be placed in a different pile. Perhaps, there’s a creative use to them, you just need to figure it out. The rest need to be properly disposed off.

Do understand that every item is attached to you energetically. Unwanted things are plainly occupying your space, draining your energy and depleting your enthusiasm.  Expired stuff is meant to be trashed into the bin.

Sometimes, as you pile up objects for clearance, it is natural, deeply held feelings of fear and insecurity may crop up. Do not worry too much about it. This is a psychosomatic process of letting go, as you de-attach from objects, loosening up your underlying beliefs on hoarded materials. By releasing these items from your life, you are, in fact, freeing up your internal and external environment.

The ripple-effect phenomenon enables you to create more space for the things that really matter to you – things you enjoy, love and cherish. Clearing your old stuff opens up an energetic field for new things to enter into your life, be it new furniture, food, travel, finance, apparels or opportunities for advancement.

Re-organise your living space, with the most important and useful items around you. Avoid the temptation to create more clutter and have a well-planned,
re-arrangement of furniture, kitchen appliances, utensils, linen and books. Proper spacing re-energises you emotionally. It keeps your vicinity well-ventilated and properly lit.

The sooner you let go, the better you feel. You will be overwhelmed by the
unsullied calmness and lucidity in the air as the spaces clear.

You’ll be free inside-out and feel energised by the new magnetic aura of cosmic illumination. When you de-clutter your atmosphere, you are roped in by
positive vibrations of renewed liveliness, replenishing and enriching your life.

De-clutter to open up a new lease of rejuvenated living!

Clutter, clutter, go away, never come again another day ….