Needs and desires

Needs and desires

We all know that craving for "a little more." Whether we are having the last spoon of ice cream or the last sip of Coke,  the mind says, have a little more. The stomach immediately says, "Enough!" but the mind says, "It is so tasty! Have some more."

When the body gets thirsty, it never asks for a cola, it is happy with a glass of water. But the mind is not satisfied with pure water. Maybe under the social pressure, or your own idea of being modern, you go for a fuzzy drink.

Thus, there is a constant struggle between the mind and the body. People are so jumbled up that they cannot separate their needs from their desires. What is the dividing line? The dividing line is: when the body wants something, it is need, when the mind wants, it is desire.

The Osho Sutra says : "When need and desire both disappear, time disappears. And remember to make a distinction between desire and need; otherwise you can be in a very deep mess. " We are already in a deep mess.  We try to drop needs but never try to curb desires. Need is for the survival of the body, desire is for fulfiling the ego. This is why desire needs time so that it can be fulfiled.  People fast and torture their bodies, and desire  heaven. Fasting is cutting the need and desiring heaven is helping the unending greed to grow.

The need is gratified quickly, the desire is insatiable. It is a bottomless pit.
Some Osho tips to restore the balance : Stop when the need stops. Always watch where need stops and desire starts. Make it a continuous awareness. If you can make the distinction, you have attained something -  a clue to existence. Need is beautiful, desire is ugly; 

Remember, it is easy to drop needs, because body is so silent you can torture it.  Dropping needs is going against nature. Needs are not many: and they are so simple. What do you need? Food, water, a shelter, somebody to love you and somebody you can love; Desires are useless and foolish. What is a desire? It is not a desire of shelter.

Desire is always for a better shelter. Desire is comparative, need is simple. You need a shelter, desire needs a palace. You need a woman to love, a man to love. But desire needs a Cleopatra. Desire is for the impossible, need is for the possible; Cut desires and become aware. Then you will be beyond time. Desires create time. If you cut desires you will be beyond time. Having no desire is transcending the mind.