People's problems

People's problems

People's problems

Open drain posing danger

The open drain opposite Durgaprasad Hotel on Jeevanahalli Main Road poses high risk to pedestrians, and children in particular. Telecom companies which dug the road for laying cable, have not restored the stretch leading to stagnation of water. This has been the condition for the past three months. The authorities concerned are requested to close the drain.

Vinod Kumar, Jeevanhalli

Footpath encroached upon

The footpath on the 64th Cross, 5th Block, Rajajinagar has been encroached upon by a number of business establishments. Two-wheelers and four-wheelers are allowed to park here.
Recently a flex board was erected too, blocking the way for pedestrians. Senior citizens and children find it difficult to traverse this stretch, and adding to their troubles it is also a T-junction. The BBMP officials and the traffic police are requested to act immediately in this regard.


Address stray dog menace in KS Layout

Around 8 to 10 stray dogs move around freely in Kumaraswamy Layout, near 32nd Cross Road. Senior citizens, schoolchildren and motorcyclists face danger from these dogs.
Thanks to BBMP, which kept the ends of drains open as it has almost become a shelter and breeding place for dogs. Corrective action is required before it is too late and something untoward happens.

M K Visweswara, Kumaraswamy Layout

Noise pollution robbing sleep

Certain parts of the elevated land near Nice Road in Anjanapura Layout is getting filled with loads of soil. This work has been going on day and night for the last six months, causing noise pollution. Residents are having sleepless nights due to this. This work is also targeted at encroaching the Raja Kaaluve. Authorities concerned please note this and take action. Residents deserve peaceful nights.


Ply buses via Malleswaram

Bus services from Bhoopasandra to Kempegowda Bus Station via Malleswaram have been stopped due to unknown reasons causing inconvenience to a lot of passengers who want to reach Malleswaram.This has been highlighted several times but to no avail. Neither the services have been restored nor the official concerned respond to our query.
We request the officials concerned to address our concerns at the earliest.

Narayan Kulkarni

Address traffic chaos in CBD

Vittal Mallya Road and Cunningham Road have been under repair for laying pipelines and reconstruction of the footpaths for over an year now.
The Vittal Mallya Road-Cubbon Park Road junction is a point of high traffic density, where vehicles from Corporation Circle and Kasturba Road converge.
Only the Kanteerava Stadium side of the road has been done up, widening the footpath too broad.
This has reduced the space for movement of vehicles. So much so that movement of vehicles on Richmond Road is also affected leaving no scope even for movement of ambulances.
The same chaotic traffic conditions prevail on Cunningham Road.
The BBMP should spring into action in coordination with the traffic police to address the traffic chaos on the stretch.

G  Rabinathan

Plug water leakage

There is heavy water leakage, approximately five litres per minute, in an air valve at Ward No 72, Visvesvaraya Layout, 6th Block. A month ago, I complained to the Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE) Renukumar, contractor Ramarao and his assistant Adul Majid. Last week I followed it up, seeing as the water continued to leak.
The contractor’s answer is that a spare part of the air valve is not available and that it will be replaced soon. As of now the situation is the same and ironically the BWSSB recently spent a lot of money on a campaign to conserve water. Will the officials take quick action?

Janardhana Reddy

Stop dumping garbage here

Garbage is being dumped recklessly right near this board which prohibits the very same act. The spot is on Kenchappa Road, Frazer Town, around 50 metres from Everest Theatre.
This illustrates just another example of the neglect and apathy that pervades our society and more so,the absolute impunity with which people continue to break the law. The officials are requested to act the earliest.

Indraneel Ganguly

Blaring music all night

Loudspeakers in my area blare music from 6 am till midnight, robbing peace and quite at Banashankari, Third Stage, 3rd phase. The police must make sure that celebrations follow the court orders and timings as mentioned.

Mohan, Banashankari

Streetlights not functioning

A number of streetlights are not functioning on Rustam Bagh Main Road. Bescom or the BBMP should not wait for complaints and should conduct routine inspections and maintenance of street lights.
Will these organisations wake up at least now and address the problem quickly as it is urgent?

V Padmanabhan, Rustam Bagh Main Road

Repair streetlights

The streetlight at Thindlu Main Road opposite Vidya Spoorthi School next to petrol bunk is not working for more than six months. There has been no response from the authorities concerned even after lodging a complaint on 22660000.  Another light adjacent to Sri Prakruthi Main Gate is also not working. Hope the officials look into the issue at the earliest.


Poor road upkeep in Krishnanagar

The condition of First Cross road in Krishnanagar (Uttarahalli ward number 184) is deteriorating from bad to worse. Neither the BBMP officials nor the elected representatives have so far evinced any interest in restoring this road.
The pathetic condition of the road has been brought to the notice of corporator K Rameshraju and MLA Krishnappa, several times, but to no avail.  Recently, the State government has announced ‘Nagarottana’ scheme under which roads damaged during rains will be repaired without any delay. It is also learnt that sufficient funds have been released to implement the scheme. I appeal to the officials and elected representatives to act soon in this regard.

Shankaranarayan, Krishnanagar

Restore roads

For residents of 3rd Cross, 3rd Main, Hoysala Nagar, Ramamurthy Nagar, stepping on to the road has become an ordeal. One year ago, the existing mud road was dug for laying drainage pipes but the road has not been restored yet. The roads on other lanes need to be asphalted. Residents, particularly, senior citizens, women and children cannot walk on this road. Complaints to BBMP councillor and  MLA have not elicited any response. The authorities are requested to do the needful immediately.

C B Thimmaiah