'Boycott sad at not being knighted for 'punching girlfriend'

'Boycott sad at not being knighted for 'punching girlfriend'

'Boycott sad at not being knighted for 'punching girlfriend'

Former England cricket captain Geoffrey Boycott is sad at not being granted knighthood apparently because he was convicted for beating a former girlfriend in France 18 years ago, something the 74-year claims he didn't do.

The Telegraph reported MPs including the Home Secretary, Theresa May, had supported to honour Boycott until the move was halted by the Cabinet Office owing to his 18-year-old conviction.

Boycott was handed a three-month suspended sentence besides a 5,000 pound fine by a French court for punching her then girlfriend, Margaret Moore, in the face at a hotel in South of France.

Boycott said he was delighted that his fans supported him for a knighthood.
"I’m delighted that so many people thought I deserved a knighthood and sad that it can be blocked for something I didn’t do," he wrote on Twitter.

He further said: "Unfortunately, 18 yrs ago I was wrongly accused.
"I tried to clear my name in France but under Napoleonic law once accused you are guilty until you can definitively prove your innocence. This is the opposite of English Law. I have to live with this injustice - and I do.

"I am frank and forthright but don't have and never will have a history of violence. Thank you again to all my supporters," added Boycott.

He played 108 Tests and was the first England batsman to complete 8,000 runs in the longest format.