An attempt at daredevil acts

An attempt at daredevil acts

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An attempt at daredevil acts

Ragini Dwivedi had a busy 2014 with many of her films hitting the screens and faring well. The actress, who likes to experiment with varied roles, says that she is impressed with her work in the upcoming movie Veera Ranachandi, which will see her portraying a bold role.

She feels that the movie will come out right in time, when people constantly consider women as the weaker section of the society. She says that it talks about women-empowerment.

“The movie talks about family values and also about how women are often portrayed as weak individuals but can step up and protect their near and dear ones when the situation arises.” Ragini points out that women need to be bolder in today’s society and that this film will be a good reminder of the same. “My role in Veera Ranachandi talks about how a woman can define herself in today’s society. This will be the main focus of the film.”

The movie houses the right commercial formula, she says. “The plot has emotional scenes and also gangster rivalry. But its baseline lies in the sentimental value.” She will be sporting different looks in the film. “This is the first time I have gone for short hair. My character also sports a lot of bandanas. She has two shades to her — that of a city girl and the other of a village belle,” explains Ragini.

About the title of the movie, she says, “We talk about women in respect to goddesses. But not everyone respects them. However, this film explains how a woman can take the ‘roop’ of Chandi, when it comes to her family and protect them.” People will go gaga over the action sequences, vouches Ragini. “Even young children who will watch the film, will learn from it,” she says.

Ragini says doing something different from ‘Ragini IPS’ took a lot of effort. “Though the movie is action-packed, it will also be a family entertainer. The scenes were physically exhausting. I had to push myself a lot and a lot of training also was required. There are different action sequences, with some being rope-shots and one being even a mid-air split. People will be thrilled by the action,” she assures.

A high-protein diet is a must for such roles, says the actress. “Being tied down a harness can be really tiring. Thankfully, I am trained in Taekwondo and kick-boxing, which helped a bit. There are some really risky shots in the movie and I also hurt myself in the process, but it’s all good,” she says with a smile.

Ragini says that she didn’t know that her body was so flexible. “This was really surprising! Hats off to the people involved in the film, who made it all happen. They are the ones who train and encourage us. I was able to attempt sequences which I have never done before and I’m really excited,” she sums up.