Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle


Message in a bottle

Prathap Ruthnaswamy always had the passion to do artwork on glass.This led him to create a company called ‘Bottle Tree’, thanks to which he has explored his creativity to the fullest.

‘Bottle Tree’ is all about intense and intricate art on bottles. The company, which has seven artisans, designs and develops glass art that can embellish the interiors of a house. It is not just about painting on bottles but also giving them a new look.

Be it wind chimes, bottle lamps, mirrors, wall hangers, pen holders or bottle tea lights, Prathap has taken creativity to a different level altogether.

“I got the idea of making these art pieces from the pictures I saw on postcards as I was always fascinated by them. But I could not find the required material here in India for the artworks. That is when I decided to make them using coloured bottles,” says Prathap.
The glass art done at ‘Bottle Tree’ is unique, and the intrinsic designs on the glass are all hand-crafted. The quality of the art too is incomparable.

 “We give a guarantee on our products. We use quality paints and materials. For example, the glass painting is done using vitrail glass paint from a company called Pebeo. The paints are expensive but the outcome is worth the expense,” he says.

It is amazing how a used bottle can make up for the best quirky interiors. Beer bottles are turned into cute tea lights and little bits of waste glass are transformed into a beautiful wall hanging. The team also turns glass pieces into butterfly suncatchers, a used bottle into a useful pen holder and wires and glass into intricate showpieces. And everything is available for a reasonable price.

“We have all kinds of people approaching us. The things we make in ‘Bottle Tree’ can be helpful to anyone and everyone. We have college kids coming to us to buy gifts for special occasions. They like our work as they find it unique and it also falls within their budget,” he informs.

Apart from making unique art pieces, ‘Bottle Tree’ also conducts workshops. The company, that started as an interest, has now become a passion for Prathap and has also turned into a successful business.

“I have the liberty to do what I want. My thoughts are not controlled by anyone. It is  passion that drives me,” he concludes.