KSHA, HK set to strike middle path

KSHA, HK set to strike middle path

A compromise between the feuding Karnataka State Hockey Association and Hockey Karnataka appears on the anvil after the Sports Minister asked both the parties to reschedule their leagues so that the two tournaments can go simultaneously without a hitch.

Forced off the pitch by police at the Akkithamanahalli Hockey Stadium following chaotic scenes on Saturday and Sunday, irked KSHA president Venu Uthappa and treasurer SK Gupta met Sports Minister Abhay Chandra Jain first on Tuesday and then Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to present their case. The bone of contention was DYES authorising HK to conduct the Bangalore League Championship while KSHA’s ‘A’ Division League Championship was already underway.

Jain then held a meeting between Uthappa, Gupta, DYES Director H S Venkatesh, Hockey Karnataka president SVS Subramanaya Gupta and HK treasurer Gayathri Shetty where he requested both KSHA and HK to rework their schedules and sort out their differences amicably.

Heeding to the Sports Minister’s advice, KSHA sent their reworked schedule to HK later in the evening. While the KSHA’s ‘A’ Division is set to resume on Jan 8, the timings will be finalised following another round of discussion with HK on Wednesday.

“We had a very good discussion with the Sports Minister and CM and we are happy that a solution could be found. We have sent our new schedule to HK and are awaiting their response,” KSHA secretary K Krishnamurthy said.

HK joint-secretary BJ Kariappa said they are willing to change their schedule provided KSHA also agrees to make a few compromises.

 “In the new schedule they’ve sent us, they’ve listed matches at 2pm and 4pm with the final at 4pm. We are okay with the final being played at 4pm but may have to think about the other matches at 2pm. We also have three matches a day and it’s hard for us to complete our fixtures by 2pm. We will discuss that with them tomorrow.”

Following the discussion, both Hockey Karnataka and KSHA will draw out new schedules to their respective leagues.