Kejriwal goes to EC, protests over 'bogus voters'

Kejriwal goes to EC, protests over 'bogus voters'

Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday met the Chief Election Commissioner V S Sampath and Delhi Chief Electoral Officer Chandra Bhushan Kumar to submit proof of “large-scale” irregularities in the electoral rolls claiming that a “free and fair” election in Delhi is in jeopardy.

Kejriwal said the party has submitted CDs containing details about the anomalies to the poll body.

He also demanded action against Booth Level Officers behind the alleged bungling in the voter list.

“In Delhi, 3,96,914 voters have more than 11,50,509 voter cards in their names. It means that one person has three-four voter cards,” the former chief minister said.
According to the Aam Aadmi Party, there are several thousand fake voters on the draft rolls for every constituency.

In most cases, names and photographs were duplicated to generate fake votes, the party said. 

“We have compared the name, father’s/ husband’s name and age. These three fields match in all cases. Then we compared some photos randomly,” Kejriwal said.

“We discovered that the photos are also matching in a number of cases. We are attaching such cases as examples. Photos have to be compared manually and we did not have the manpower to compare photos in all these cases. Therefore, we would treat these as suspected cases,” he added in a letter to Delhi CEO.

‘Voters brought in’

At a press conference the AAP leader said that many voters from neighbouring states are eligible voters in Delhi and alleged that many people from the neighbouring states are brought to cast their vote.

“On comparing Delhi’s voter list with Haryana, it has been found that 14,71,025 voters in Delhi match with similar names in Haryana – their names, father/husband name and age are similar. Similar is the case in 12,53,779 voters in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh voters lists,” the party said in a statement.

AAP leader Ashutosh said that it is a “scam” while alleging that the BJP is behind it.