Moulding the imagination

Moulding the imagination

Endorsing the idea ‘creating life from clay through works of art is like giving life to inanimate object’ a trio of Srirupa Sen, Sarika Malik, and Sneh Sharma are exhibiting their handmade ceramic pottery at India Habitat Centre.

The exhibition ‘Earth Echoes’ was inaugurated by Arpita Bansal, social entrepreneur and brand ambassador of Humanity, Sandeep Marwah, founder Film City Noida and president Marwah Studios and Aruna Vasudev, founder, Cinemaya, recently.

Clay art work exhibited here is a lot different from terracotta as it involves a long process of production right from moulding the clay to the final unique master piece.

Each ceramic art work is one of its kind and is produced with delicate and intricate hand moulding along with other carving tools. Beautiful exotic colours on these art works are the reactionary result of fire temperature and the silica or oxide minerals.

Fired in three different types of fire furnaces namely, wood, gas and electric the effect on the artefact, its texture and apapearance is dramatic.

The exhibition is showcasing a variety of conceptual and magnificent ceramic clay work. Different vibrant coloured pots, kettles, and many other abstract figurines are put up for display at the event.

Sarika Malik, one of the artists has been practising this art form since eight years. Always into designing trousseau and calligraphy, she believes that ceramics gives a lively three dimensional touch to her thoughts.

She puts her mind’s eye into clay and makes it into a spectacular piece of art. Her current work includes The Ganesha and Serenity series.

The Ganesha series is the expression of the eternal form of Ganesha and its essence, in a more abstract nature. The Serenity series is meditative and predominantly expresses her love for the abstract form and the balance and harmony that exists within it.

Srirupa Sen, a retired chemistry professor left teaching because of her passion for art. An artistic hobby turned into an obsession and this passion has stayed alive even after eight years.

“The feel of moist clay whirling on the potter’s wheel and the vision of an indiscriminate lump of earth being transformed by my hands into an object of my imagination is a feeling which belies description”, says Sen.

“At one point you feel like giving up, because of so much time that goes into creating it. But the next moment the art turns out to be a part of your imagination just randomly, so it’s a love which is inexplicable and you just dwell in its beauty” she adds.
The exhibition is on till 9 January 2015,
daily from 11 am – 7 pm.