Women in mob thrashed suspect's daughter

Women in mob thrashed suspect's daughter

Women in mob thrashed suspect's daughter

Women, who were part of the mob that had gathered near the private school in Hosaguddadahalli on Wednesday, thrashed the 22-year-old daughter of physical education instructor Ramakrishna (49), who has been accused of molesting an underage girl student.

Ramakrishna’s daughter had rushed to the school on learning that a mob was beating up her father. As she tried to rescue him, the women started raining blows on her. The scared young woman ran back to her home, located nearby.

The accusation and the attack on Ramakrishna have left his family shattered. His wife, daughter and grown-up son could not digest the accusation that Ramakrishna had committed such an act.

Ramakrishna has been working as a physical education teacher at the said school for more than 20 years now. He has been living in his own house in Hosaguddadahalli for the last over 30 years. His neighbours, relatives and former students say he is a strict disciplinarian.

“We can vouch that he hasn’t committed such a crime. We won’t believe what is being shown on television channels. They are just showing one side of the story and didn’t even care to approach us for the entire story. Mediapersons should go around the neighbourhood as well as the adjacent Bapujinagar and JJ Nagar localities and enquire about Ramakrishna.

That would give them a clear idea about that person and his character,” his wife, who requested to remain anonymous, told Deccan Herald soon after the violence.

“Even if he comes out clean, I fear he wouldn’t be able to lead a normal life again.”
One of Ramakrishna’s neighbours suggested that the whole incident was “well-planned and executed” and that he had been made a “scapegoat”.

“For a long time, people with vested interests were trying to usurp the school building. They tried different ways but nothing worked. So they hatched a plan to corner someone from the school.”

Vaijayanthi, a former student of Ramakrishna and a teacher herself, said that he was always known as a good person and that seeing him being beaten up had shocked her. “He has a daughter who is about to get married. Why would he do such a thing to a seven-year-old girl? It’s a baseless accusation and we hope the police investigate the case thoroughly and punish the people responsible for this,” she said.