Footballer from Ukraine achieves his life goal

Footballer from Ukraine achieves his life goal

Footballer from Ukraine achieves his life goal

Former Ukranian footballer Vitaliy Hryhorovych Reva remarried Elena, his wife of ten years, according to the Hindu tradition at Neela­vara near here on Wednesday.

Chanting of hymns and rituals marked the marriage ceremony which lasted for around one and half hours.

The couple went through the rituals such as ‘Nishchaya’, ‘Laaja Homa’, ‘Kanya Daana,’ ‘Sapthapadi’ and ‘Mangalya Dharana’,  ‘Varopachara’ as part of the ceremony.

Their daughter, Vasilisa (7) was one among the curious spectators at the ceremony. A Congress member from Delhi, R K Jinghal and his wife Vijayalakshmi acted as the parents for the 40-year-old “bridegroom” while Tanmay Goswami, a Yoga teacher and his wife Kapila performed the ‘Kanyadana’ ritual for the 35-year-old “bride.”

Reva, who is actively into the Indian philosophy and spirituality says he got the intuition to save the ball from the goal through philosophy. Reva adds all the cultures of the world were influenced by Indian philosophy and culture.

“It was my dream to get married in Indian tradition, as I have read that here marriages are performed by keeping fire as messenger to God amid chanting of mantras. I read a lot about Indian philosophy and applied it in my game. I practise Yoga and mantras daily, which helps me to improve my concentration,” he said.

Little Vasilisa was all excited seeing her parents in totally different wedding attires and she herself dressed like a Indian girl. With flowers covering her head, Vasilisa told Deccan Herald that she was enjoying every bit that is happening around her.

Elena is an interior designer and homemaker. A former goalkeeper for Football Club Dynamo Kyiv and the Ukrainian national football team, Reva ended his two-decade-long career in 2013. Reva has also played for the Ukrainian national team in his 20-year career.
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