'I never thought someone would offer me lead role'

'I never thought someone would offer me lead role'

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Lyricist-singer Swanand Kirkire says he was surprised to be approached to play the lead in Prakash Jha’s upcoming production Crazy Cukkad Family as he never believed someone could trust a non-actor with such a big role.

Kirkire has previously done cameos in films like Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi and Eklavya, but he is making his full-fledged movie debut with the Ritesh Menon-directed comedy, which is releasing on January 16.

“I liked my part in the film but did not believe that someone would offer me such a big role. I told the film’s director, Ritesh, to first speak to Prakash Jha as he knows me. When Prakash ji liked the idea, I realised it was something serious and took it up,” Kirkire told PTI.

Kirkire, who plays the role of the eldest brother of a dysfunctional family in the film, said now he is enjoying being an actor and would consider taking up more offers in future. “I enjoyed working in the film. My whole image of a lyricist and composer has been broken by the role in the film. He is a rude, shameless man. After seeing the film, people will not believe that I have written such thought-provoking songs. But if people like my performance, I will take up more acting offers,” he said.

Crazy Cukkad Family, also stars Chak De! India actress Shilpa Shukla, Kushal Punjabi and Siddharth Sharma.

The two-time National award-winning lyricist said he did not have a very good opinion about actors but it has changed since he did Crazy Cukakd Family.

“When I entered the industry, I did not think highly of actors. I thought they were self-centred and self-obsessed people but now I value the profession. I have realised it is a very difficult job,” he said.

Kirkire said he has become conscious of how he looks on screen now. “If someone tells me I did not look or act good I will feel more bad as compared to a situation where someone criticises my songs.

“A bad song reflects poor thinking or creativity which can be improved but a bad appearance affects a person’s psyche badly. It shakes the confidence of a person. He feels totally discarded,” he said.Swanand’s latest film as a lyricist, PK, has been in the news for allegedly upsetting some Hindu religious bodies.

When asked about the ongoing controversy, Swanand said, PK controversy has only helped the movie. The good thing about Rajkumar Hirani’s films is that the message is always understood. The masses have approved the film so nothing else really matters,”
 he said.