Veggie prices fall as field beans flood markets

Buyers have a field day

Veggie prices fall as field beans flood markets

Vegetable prices have headed downwards in the last couple of days, much to the relief of consumers.

The icing on the cake, though, is the fact that the prices will remain affordable till at least the end of this month. The entry of field beans (avarekai) into the market and their sale in huge quantities has lessened the demand for other vegetables, thus reducing their prices, say traders.

Prices of most vegetables, barring the peas, are presently between Rs 10 and Rs 30 a kg at wholesale markets, the traders said.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, R V Gopi, president of the Vegetable and Fruit Wholesale Merchants’ Association, said, “Among the vegetables, the prices of beans have decreased the most from Rs 35–Rs 40 a kg last week to Rs 15-Rs 20 this week.

Tomatoes and potatoes are being sold at wholesale vegetable markets at prices between Rs 10 and Rs 20 per kg. There is a reduction in the vegetable prices by 40 per cent.”

He said that at least till Makara Sankranti that falls on January 15 this year, the demand for field beans will be higher than that for other vegetables.

Traders in Kalasipalyam said that the market had been receiving more than 200 tonnes of field beans every day since January first week. Sources in Hopcoms pointed out that compared to the corresponding month last year, the prices of field beans are much cheaper this time.

“The production of field beans is high, making them available at cheaper rates. However, farmers growing other vegetables are facing losses,” an official from Hopcoms said.

Meanwhile, the prices of basic kitchen ingredients such as ginger and garlic remain unchanged and are being sold at Rs 70 to Rs 100 per kg respectively.

“The prices of green chillies have come down from Rs 75 per kg to Rs 60. The prices of coriander leaves have reduced by 20 per cent,” said Shankar Gowda, a wholesale vegetable trader from Girinagar.

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