Walk of Hope to start on Monday, will enter State on March 7

Walk of Hope to start on Monday, will enter State on March 7

Walk of Hope to start on Monday, will enter State on March 7

 ‘Walk of Hope’, an initiative by Mumtaz Ali Khan, also known as M, the founder of Manav Ekta Mission, will begin in Kanyakumari on Monday and enter Karnataka on March 7.

Participants will walk 6,500 kms in 11 states across India to spread the message of communal harmony and peace, Khan told a press conference here on Thursday.

 “We can travel from one country to another by air or other modes of transport. But a heart-to-heart connection cannot be established with anyone en route. However, when one walks, they have the opportunity to spend time, interact and have a close connection with other cultures,” he explained.

That would not just help a person understand the outside world better but also help them take a journey within.

“In addition to gaining knowledge, there is yet another significance to walking. It will help a person to remain grounded in the true sense,” Khan said.

6 am to noon
Participants would cover a stipulated distance from 6 am to noon, after which they will interact with local people. If possible, they would try and resolve the problems faced by people in rural India, he added.

Khan hoped the walk would draw “at least one crore participants”, besides the support of various organisations and individuals. The All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) will conduct health camps and its students will accompany the walkers to provide medical intervention, if needed.
The walk intends to unite people from various walks of life irrespective of their religion. Referring to communal disharmony, Khan said religion doesn’t espouse violence but misunderstanding it does.

Dr Chandrashekar, head, medical unit, AIIMS, said the walk would also be an attempt to educate people about hygiene, the hazards of tobacco consumption and water pollution besides promoting vegetarianism.

Participants can register for the walk free of charge and join or quit it at their convenience. “It’s not mandatory that every participant walk all along. They can leave any time,” Khan said.