Fast forward to the past

Fast forward to the past

Fast forward to the past

The world of fashion is looking ahead by looking back at 1940s. The heavy ‘jhumkas’, elegant temple earrings, vintage dangles...all are here to create a style statement this year.

Those days are gone when earrings were just small pieces of trinket. These are now highly sought-after. The bright dangles enhance one’s style without any doubt.
It is not just the attire that creates a fashion statement. But bold earrings too, which can be worn for parties or weddings.

The ‘jhumkas’ that were a symbol of traditional ornaments are now being mixed and matched with a western attire. The earrings are a fusion of the Western-Indian style and the popular temple earrings have planted their roots in the western fashion industry too.

“The usual designs in gold are now being adapted in artificial jewellery and being modernised to suit the style. The temple earrings are selling like hot cakes and there is a great demand for the traditional style of earrings,” says Vimal, a designer at ‘One Gram Jewellery’.

The earrings that have a grand look are also simplified to suit modern women. “The traditional earrings were usually heavy with intense work. The earrings of today are traditional and have the same kind of work, but are light and can be worn easily all-day long,” adds Vimal.

And what are the present trends in these attractive pieces? The trends in earrings are highly influenced by the style of Bollywood divas. ‘Aashiqui 2’ earrings, ‘Ram Leela’ earrings, ‘Holiday’ earrings...the list goes on.

“Earrings are mostly event-oriented. Different occasions call for different earrings, be it formal or grand. The long emerald earrings with intricate works are moving fast. They add class to your style giving you timeless space,” says Deepthi, CEO of ‘LIFE’ jewellery.

The trendy earrings have a little touch of gold and a contemporary style, she adds. The fast moving earrings at LIFE are very versatile. They have a fusion of tradition and contemporary. They are light but elegant, big and smart.

Earrings that have come a long way with various innovations are adored and loved by the fashionistas.

“I love wearing huge earrings, especially with Indian outfits. They add glamour to your face and can make any girl look beautiful,” says Shradha Ponappa, a fashion designer. Another youngster, Ashitha Gowda says, “Earrings are synonymous with
elegance. An Indian attire is incomplete without a pair of classy earrings. These attractive dangles add beauty to our face.”

“Earrings are something you can’t go wrong with. It is an accessory you can dress up or dress down with,” says Jovita Estiberio, a model.