All about outcasts

WB presents Platinum Thursdays at 9 pm. Watch Dumb And Dumbered — When Harry Met Lloyd starring Eric Christian Olsen and Derek Richardson on January 7. The movie is set in
the 1980s, when Harry met Lloyd in a high school, when they crossed paths with a mean
Principal and a bunch of other outcasts much like themselves.

Obsessed with revenge

Batman Begin airs on January 7 at 9 pm on HBO. A young Bruce Wayne bears witness to his parents’ murder — a trauma that leads him to become obsessed with revenge. Escaping to the East, he seeks counsel with a dangerous but honourable ninja master.

Wayne (Bale) returns seven years later, only to find Gotham City over-run by organised crime and dangerous individuals manipulating the system.  The discovery of a cave under his mansion and a prototype armoured suit leads him to take on a new persona, one that will strike fear into the hearts of men who do wrong.  The movie stars Christian Bale, Michael Cane, Katie Holmes and Liam Neeson.

Collective identity

Discovery Travel and Living presents Trinny and Susannah Undress at 7 pm on January 7. No-nonsense style queens Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine are as farmed for their outrageous stunts as they are for their blunt fashion advice.

Trinny and Susannah apply their style expertise to three ‘tribes’ who appearances reflect a collective identity — country ladies, sex bombs and dog lovers. But, before they make any changes, the style gurus are restyled by each group first. 

Amazing animals

Lemur Street follows the lives of two rival groups of ring-tailed lemurs living in the beautiful protected reserve of Berenty, on the island of Madagascar, off the coast of Africa.

Filmed over the course of a year, Lemur Street captures unprecedented footage of these amazing animals’ behaviour. Chased from the Graveyard Gang’s territory, in this episode, the turbulent Tornado Troop raid the tourist camp.

Peg Leg gets lost when a vicious storm forces both gangs to spend a night away from home. Will he find his way back? Or will he have to spend the night all by himself? Lemur Street airs at 10 pm on January 7 on Animal Planet.

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