Snug in a pair of sneakers

Snug in a pair of sneakers


Snug in a pair of sneakers
Shoes are no longer just a necessity. What one wears on the feet is as important as the clothes one adorns. They can transform your personality and have become a fusion of comfort and grace.

Sneakers have officially taken over the world of fashion. Wear a pair of bright sneakers and you are set to make a bold fashion statement.

Sneakers have evolved with style. The usual boring gym and school wear have now made it to the runway. Comfort with style is the new mantra of these trendy sneakers. High top, low top, leather, synthetic, slip on...the options available in them are plenty. There are also the more dressy and sporty types; classy types and quirky types. And all these can help you spice up your style this new year.

 The right kind of sneakers can go with anything and everything. The online stores have made it all the more convenient for one to pick and choose from a range of sneakers. The bright sneakers with a few prints and the plain basic sneakers are making their rounds among fashion-lovers. They can be worn with shorts, leggings and even dresses sometimes.

For college-goers, these shoes are the best buddies. “Sneakers have been my ‘friends’ for a very long time. With sneakers come comfort and now they are available in so many styles. I wear them regularly with shorts, jeans and leggings. The new stylish sneakers enhance your look to the fullest,” says Soumya Jampana, a post graduate student.

Sneakers are also going quirky this season. The customised sneakers are in and moving fast. Movie series, cartoons and music bands... the sneakers are getting more and more wacky. One can even find designs of Minions, Spiderman or witty messages on them. ‘Shailee's Custom-Painted Shoes & Tees’ makes customised designs that turn plain sneakers into interesting ones.

 “Youngsters are buying sneakers online and want customised designs on them. I paint the plain sneakers with interesting designs. I get requests for multiple designs on the same pair of sneakers. Be it their favourite book series, movies or music bands, one can choose from various designs or suggest their own design to get colourful trendy sneakers,” says Shailee, owner and designer of the brand.  

You can stay stylish while staying functional with the right pair of sneakers. Be it workplace, college or play, sneakers can add style to your look. “Style and confidence come with comfort and since sneakers are comfortable, they give you that confidence. They can be worn on trousers, tees, jeggings, shorts and even skirts. They are subtle enough to be combined with anything but at the same time, they are bold enough to make an impression,” says Namratha Prakash, a professional. So it is time to break away from the usual flats and heels and walk out in a pair of trendy sneakers.