'I am a positive person'

'I am a positive person'

director's hat

'I am a positive person'

Actress Swetha Srivatsav is all set to don the director’s cap this coming year. She says she has been looking for a good script for a while now and has finally found one.

“I don’t want to talk about it just yet but I have a story in mind,” says the ‘Simple Agi Ondh Love Story’ actress. She adds that while the story is her own creation, she will take the help of her friends to script it out.

What sparked her interest in the field of cinema? “I’ve been wanting to try it (directing) for a long time, and now I'm confident that I can take up a project. I used to think that anything related to film-making was for people within the film fraternity...but then I started watching many world movies in college and my inclination to be a part of the film industry grew. My prospects looked very interesting even back then,” she says.

She talks about how she was received by the film industry when she approached them with her idea. “People don’t expect a girl to become a director, especially a good-looking one. They think she will just get a good cinematographer and sit around the sets. When talking to people, I could sense this attitude in them, and it's amusing to observe," she says. She adds, "It is the time for women to prove themselves.”

What does she expect from herself? “I will know the real hazards of working on a movie only when I start working. If I react to my critics at the moment, they will say I’m over-confident, or else they will say I'm not working hard enough. For now, I’m just going to observe and do my best. I myself am curious to see what I’ll do.”

Does this whiplash affect her? “If I say no, it will be a lie. But I'm a very positive person and I don't take things to heart, whether the judgement is good or bad. I feel all this criticism helps me; I take it as a challenge,” she says.

Swetha already has big plans for her movie. “I have certain USPs that I would like to keep to and because of that, I will be acting in my own film.  I have worked with directors who have extracted certain qualities from the character and others who haven't even tried. I think I can get the best out of myself. And there are many surprising elements the audience can see,” she says.

She adds, “The offers I get have typecast me based on certain movies I have done. Directors come to me after watching my movies and offer me the same kind of scripts...very few come with something totally different. Maybe, through this movie, I can tell people that I have more to offer.”

However the reviews may pan out, she has an exciting journey ahead. “This will be an interesting journey for me, whatever comes,” she ends.