Cold forces farmers indoors in Vijayapura; fall in yield feared

Cold forces farmers indoors in Vijayapura; fall in yield feared

That benumbing feel

Cold forces farmers indoors in Vijayapura; fall in yield feared
The winter cold, which was not severe this year in the early phases, has suddenly become unbearable. People are longing for the warmth in the air as Mercury levels slide to new lows this season.

Vijayapura at 6.7 degree Celsius on Saturday and 7 degree Celsius on Sunday and Agumbe in Shivamogga district at 7 degree Celsius recorded the State’s lowest minimum temperatures. The temperatures were not too different in other parts of the State.

The worst sufferers in Vijayapura district were agriculture workers, especially those who have migrated here from Maharashtra and are staying in makeshift shelters in the fields.

The numbing weather is taking a huge toll on the health children and the elderly. Cold, cough and stiffness of the nerves are the common ailments being reported among the people.

The farmers fear that the falling temperatures may have an adverse effect on crops also. This is because people are unable to move out of their houses in the period between 10 pm and 4 pm, when they get three-phase power supply. They can water the crops through the canals only when there is proper power supply to the motors.

Erannagowda of Yelagi village in Indi taluk of the district is among the farmers most affected and he fears a fall in the yield.

Most residents said that they are unable to wake up early as their hands, legs and joints in the body stiffen due to the cold.

The severe weather has also led some teachers to opt for car-pooling to travel to the government high school at Loni B K village in Indi taluk, instead of bringing individual bikes to school.

S M Mali travelled to the school with fellow teachers from Umadi village across the border in neighbouring Maharashtra state. As people in the State shiver and reach for their woolies, there’s more bad news. The Met department has predicted that the winter will only get colder in the next two to three days.