Tharoor, Pak journalist likely to be questioned by SIT this week

Tharoor, Pak journalist likely to be questioned by SIT this week

Tharoor, Pak journalist likely to be questioned by SIT this week

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor and Pakistan journalist Mehr Tarar are likely to be questioned this week over the Sunanda Pushkar murder case. The Special Investigation Team formed to probe into the death is looking at all angles in the case, Delhi Police Commissioner Bhim Sain Bassi said on Monday.

“I know Shashi Tharoor has returned to the capital. The investigation is in its primary stage and his questioning is possible in the next couple of days or whenever the SIT finds it appropriate,” said Bassi, adding Mehr’s questioning will not be ignored if the SIT finds anything relevant. Sources said a questionnaire has been prepared for Mehr which will be sent to her email.

Tharoor, who was in Kerala for an ayurvedic treatment, had reached the capital on Sunday, 10 days after Delhi Police registered a murder case over Sunanda’s death in January last year.

A group of policemen has been deployed outside the entrance gate of his house in south Delhi.

Bassi also denied that Sunanda’s viscera samples have been sent abroad for tests to identify the poison.

Two laboratories where the nature of poison can be ascertained are in the United Kingdom while one is in the United States. Police are in the process of obtaining a letter rogatory to request the foreign labs to assist them with the probe.

“It will be sent after the procedures are completed,” Bassi told reporters.

On whether police were looking at the Indian Premier League-related angle to the case, Bassi said, “When you are looking into a case, you always look into the circumstances, background and anything which can throw light on the case. We always look into those aspects. Whatever will be required, will be done by the SIT.”

On Monday, Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy also took a dig at Tharoor on Twitter. Swamy alleged that Tharoor had spent three nights with Mehr in Dubai at the time when he was serving as Minister of State for Human Resource Development.
Swamy tweets

“When Tharoor allegedly spent three nights with suspected ISI compliant journalist Tarar, he was India’s Union minister. That is like Profumo,” Swamy tweeted on Monday.

Swamy compared the situation with the Profumo affair, which dates back to 1960s. The Profumo affair was a political scandal in which British politician John Dennis Profumo was accused of having sexual relationship with a 19-year-old model Christine Margaret Keeler.

Swamy added that Tharoor is the extreme example of what can happen if a politician has weak morals. “The police better talk to Tharoor soon before he has a memory loss,” another tweet said.