Bite into this steaming delight

Bite into this steaming delight

Bite into this steaming delight

A couple of years ago, one had to run around the City to find a good momo joint. But now, every street corner has a tiny stove that’s heating up a steamer full of momos.

Be it the traditional steamed momo, with various kinds of fillings, or the fried ones that crunch just the right amount, these tasty snacks have become much-loved by all. With a dash of hot chilli ‘chutney’, an evening momo snack is complete.

However, people have gotten more creative with the way they prepare momos and eat them. Momo carts have signs which offer not just the classic chicken, vegetarian, beef and pork momos, but also prawn and tuna ones. Sellers are also concocting chocolate momos, with a scoop of ice cream if a customer wishes it.

‘Momo Mia’, a part of ‘Eggstacy’, ’on New BEL Road, has a dish called ‘MMS Momos’. Four fried momos are nothing but a side-dish to a heap of fried rice and gravy. Amar Singh, the operations head, says, “We plan to introduce more dishes in the coming days like sea food, paneer, soya, babycorn and chocolate momos. There is an exclusive dessert dish momo coming up as well. For people who are health conscious, we have made the soya and mushroom ones. Momos are light finger dishes that people can take on their way and eat, and they are cheap.”

Talking on her love for the dish, Winona, a student, says, “Momos are an integral part of Bengaluru culture. Whether it’s at Mainland China or Snackart, it is an essential part of the City. As a member of the North-Eastern community, I also feel like it takes me back to my roots.” She adds, “Since they are steamed, they are also very healthy. I love the steamed ones over the fried ones and I like chicken filling. I once tasted prawn momos and it was disgusting!”

Sameer, a software engineer, is less verbose but insists that momos are one of his most favourite dishes. “I like them because they are yummy. Sometimes, I crave for them and at those times, I go to lengths to find a good momo seller. I don’t mind either steamed or fried, it depends entirely on my mood, and so does the filling. If there is extra filling, I like to have it with chutney, if not, just the momos,” he says.

Abhijeet Kabad, a student, adds, “The best part about momos is that they are tasty as well as healthy. You can eat as many as you like because they aren’t oily. And people of any age can eat them because they don’t hurt the teeth and are easy to digest.” He continues, “I prefer fried momos, be it chicken or vegetarian. They are tastier. There are many different flavours coming out these days, which are interesting to taste.”