Book on Modi's poll campaign to hit stands

Book on Modi's poll campaign to hit stands

Book on Modi's poll campaign to hit stands

After books by prominent journalists Harish Khare and Rajdeep Sardesai on the Lok Sabha polls, now it is the turn of British journalist and one of Tony Blair's former media advisors, Lance Price, to analyse the Narendra Modi effect in the elections that catapulted the BJP leader to the post of prime minister.

The book, ‘The Modi Effect: Inside Narendra Modi’s campaign to transform India’ by the former BBC correspondent and communication advisor to Blair as well as Labour Party, is likely to hit the stands by March.

The book is the latest to analyse the Lok Sabha polls and Modi effect after Khare’s ‘How Modi Won It: Notes from the 2014 Election’ and Sardesai’s ‘2014: The Election that Changed India’.

Price has previously written ‘Where Power Lies’, ‘The Spin Doctor's Diary: Inside Number 10 with New Labour’ and ‘Time and Fate’. ‘The Spin Doctor’ was the first insider's diary from the Blair years and it ran into trouble after a British paper published without permission material deleted at the behest of the government.

“Of all the elections I have ever reported on or taken part in, nothing compares to Modi’s recent campaign in India. It was breathtaking in its ambition and its execution. The new prime minister is a fascinating character with a controversial past,” Price said in a statement.

He said the book shed “important new light" on how the election was won and the lasting impact it is likely to have on India and the world.

The publisher, Hodder and Stoughton, claims that this is the only book with exclusive access to Modi, his ministers and advisers and it would reveal the inside story of the campaign. Modi’s campaign has been described as the “most ambitious and innovative”, which has lessons for politics in every democracy on earth.

The book is likely to look at Modi's rise to power, his unprecedented mass appeal despite the controversies surrounding him, including the West “shunning” him, and the pivotal role he would play in the international stage, the publisher said.