Apps that make our life easier

Apps that make our life easier

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Apps that make our life easier

The fast-paced life in metros leaves one with no time to tackle problems that routinely affect our life. That’s where our smartphones come to our rescue. Technology now provides us the luxury to handle and manage our lives in a ‘smarter’ way, thanks to scores of applications that are making our life easier.

Rampant rise in crime against women has led to an immediate need for introducing new options to safeguard oneself from unanticipated attacks. One such app is ‘Bachao-Advance version’– a simple app which allows you to alert your contacts on phone, Facebook and Twitter by long pressing a big red button. The app also enables the user to connect emergency call numbers in times of danger.

Similar to this is another application called ‘SOS – stay safe’. This is a personal safety application which enables you to send emergency messages, user’s location, and a recorded audio clip of the situation to chosen contacts just by shaking the phone. It can be used for any unfortunate situation like harassment, physical assault, road accident, domestic violence, etc. This free-of-cost app is useful as it helps the recipient track your location if you have been moved to another place against your will.

Work life can be a lot messier for some people without an organising tool. An application called ‘Evernote’ can be used for keeping up your schedule notes short or lengthy, access to systematically tagged files, sharing ideas and resources, etc.

This application can help you harness your creativity by letting you capture your ideas just when they are fresh. Meeting schedules and to-do-lists can also be created to make things go smooth at work.

The hectic schedules leave very less time for  health. But now you have options available to keep a check on it on the go. ‘Blood Pressure-My Heart’ helps you keep your blood pressure level in control with facilities to cope with hypertension and blood pressure problems.

With an easy-to-use interface the application can be used to save, edit or update your measurement. It has the facility to maintain the records for more than one user which gives interactive charts visualising trends in blood pressure.

If you are unable to cook a grand dinner for your family because of lack of time then you can easily find some easy-to-cook recipes on your phone by downloading ‘No time to cook’.

This helps you get access to 90-plus dishes which can be cooked within 20-40 minutes.
Just by selecting the main ingredient you can filter the list of recipes according to your wish. By upgrading the application you can get access to 900 quick recipes. This application is only available for iPhone users and is optimised for iPhone 5.

The frantic search for a lost phone can be put to rest with the help of advanced application ‘AndroidLost’ which can help you find your phone by triggering an alarm with flashing screen and send an SMS from the web page. Message popup and remote SMS alarm intimidates the owner about the whereabouts of the device. It also provides a feature that can erase the SD card to protect the data from misuse.

Technology today has made us much more capable and updated with scores of facilities which couldn’t be envisaged decades back. But it is necessary to maintain a
balance in life by keeping the dependence on technology minimal! 

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