The shades of beauty

The shades of beauty


The shades of beauty

Wedding is that one day in a woman’s life when everything has to be perfect and there is absolutely no scope for any mistake. Along with the attire, make - up and hairstyle play an important role too. Of late, a number of make-up artistes and hairstylists have emerged in the City, who have a broad range of ideas and leave no stone unturned to ensure that the bride looks her best on her special day.

The brides-to-be, who crave for perfection, don’t end up in just any beauty parlour the day before the wedding. They spend time in high-end salons taking consultations and treatments to get the perfect skin and hair. Charumurthy GR, a hair and make-up artiste says, “Your hair is like a frame of your face. If it is not good, then you are like a painting that has not been framed. Girls nowadays are completely up-to-date about the fashion trends thanks to movies, internet and magazines. In fact, many have asked me to do something similar to the hairstyle of Deepika Padukone in ‘Ram Leela’.”

 The brides are also opting for the classic buns, braids, messy buns, open curls and so on. They accessorise their hairstyle further with jewels and add the last touch with fresh flowers.

A braid has been the traditional Indian bridal hairstyle for years. While the tradition still remains, a braid now can be done in different styles such as a fishtail and waterfall braid.

The buns too have evolved and are becoming a trendy hairstyle for receptions. Hair can even be left loose in tons of ways these days — in the form of curls, feathers, waves, simple rollers or even plain straight.  Sabrina Suhail, a hairstylist, takes a lot in consideration to select the right hairstyle. Be it the face type, hair texture and length, hair cut, body shape, height of the person or character of the person, she looks into all these details before choosing the correct hairstyle. “Mixing the old with the new is something that I enjoy. Incorporating the traditional bun with a modern twist can look very stylish,” she adds.

Another make-up artiste Sushma Mathur says, “There have been changes in bridal hairstyles of late. It is no more just a basic necessity. More and more brides are willing to be experimental and give us the freedom to be more creative and innovative. The traditional floral braid is now enhanced with bulky ‘magina jade’ which looks trendy yet is traditional at the same time.” 

Hairstylist Gouri Kapur adds, “Brides nowadays prefer casual, soft or vintage hairdos. Big bouffants have taken a backseat at the moment while fun casual hairdos are in.”
Sruthy, a bride-to-be, says, “I have long hair. So hairstlye is one thing I am totally confused about. But there are so many options for trendy and classy hairstyles nowadays.” While Pooja, another soon-to-be-bride feels, “My wedding is my big day. So I am not bothered about much I spend. My focus is on the result. I prefer experienced professionals who can give me the perfect hairstyle which complements my make-up and attire.”