Agri minister highlights benefits of Krishi Bhagya

Agri minister highlights benefits of Krishi Bhagya

Agriculture Minister Krishna Byre Gowda on Monday highlighted the benefits of Krishi Bhagya scheme introduced by the government, during his interaction with the farmers in Chamarajanagar, on Monday.

Speaking at a programme on the benefits of the scheme, organised by department of Agriculture at Haradanahalli Krishi Vigyan Kendra, in Chamarajanagar taluk, on Monday, he said digging agriculture ponds would be of great use to the farmers during drought. 

“If the farmers understand the various schemes being introduced by the government and utilise it at the right time, there will be overall development in the field of agriculture. About 70 per cent of the farmers will be benefited by the Krishi Bhagya scheme of the government. The government will provide 80 per cent financial support under the scheme for the purchase of plastic sheets to be used for the pond. Apart from this, it will also extend 90 per cent funds for buying drip irrigation equipment,” he said. 

If three or more farmers join hands to take up agricultural activities they would be given a free motor pumpset. Else there would be 50 per cent discount for individual farmers, he explained.

“The plastic sheets can be used for three years, according to the manufacturers. If used properly, it will sustain for five years. The scheme if implemented effectively, will come as a boon to the farmers of the district, who have been hit by the drought situation,” the minister said. MP R Dhruvanarayana, ZP President D C Nagendra and others were present.
At Maddur
Earlier, during his visit to Maddur to introduce the Krishi Bhagya Scheme, Byre Gowda said that the scheme is being implemented in 115 taluks in the State. Each taluk will have 200 ponds and necessary guidelines issued to the farmers on the proper utilisation of the scheme, he added.