Preserving history through art

Preserving history through art

Art Exhibition

Debanjan Roy the artist whose work has garnered immense popularity is in the city  with ‘Metamorphosis.’

Known for his versatile choice of subjects and medium, Roy’s latest collection sees him make use of materials as varied as wood, fibreglass, clay and direct body mould. “To me, the character of a medium is very important to express the inner view of my subjects,” he says.

He has reinstalled the ‘camera’ and ‘toothbrush’ with wood to capture their existence in a form which may soon be forgotten.

“Consumer products are changing their shape and meaning every day. The same product is launched in a different way and is bought by its consumers. But the history and meaning of the old one still remains and that is what I have tried to reinstall, recreate and capture,” says Roy.

His journey started in 2000, when he participated in his first group exhibition and was honoured with the Best Sculpture Award from the West Bengal State Academy. Just a year before that, the Rabindra Bharti University had bestowed him with the same award.

Since then, Roy has showcased his works in a number of solo exhibitions at Akar Prakar, Kolkata and Ahmedabad, Aicon Gallery, New York and a host of other renowned art galleries. He has also participated in a number of group exhibitions including the Enduring legacy art exhibition in Berlin and Munich, Germany, which was later reprised at Aicon Gallery, London.

He last participated in the group show held at the Seattle Art Museum, US and Akar Prakar at India Art Fair, New Delhi 2014. Roy’s work resonates the rich cultural heritage of India, and is infused with contemporary subjects that help him develop a new sculptural language. As an art maestro he believes in the “…continuous involvement in the process of learning and communicating with he society.”
The show at Akar Prakar opens on January 19 and will go on till February 28 from
11 am to 7 pm (closed on Sundays).