L.E.A.F. (Learn English As Fun)

L.E.A.F. (Learn English As Fun)

L.E.A.F. (Learn English As Fun)

"Should we learn about the usage of the word 'face' today?", I asked my LEAF (Learn English As Fun) participants.  "I came to the class to listen to a good story; not to learn this", saw a student put on a face (to show disgust).

This is a new face (person), I thought. "She has the face (boldness) to talk so rude on her first day here!" Snigdha commented. Some made faces (grimaces as in distaste) at her. This new girl did not lose face (feel humiliated) at all.  She still put on a bold face (to give the appearance of confidence) and her attitude was definitely adorable. When I asked her to introduce herself, she came face to face with (in close proximity) me and said "I'm Sneha." "Face (turn your face towards) the class and introduce yourself, dear!".

  Her face was all smiles when she said "hi! I'm Sneha. It was pouring when I started to come to this class and it was also difficult to get an autorikshaw. In the face of (in spite of) many obstacles, I'm glad that I could make it to this class." Her friendly tone and her smiles definitely showed a different face (aspect or side) of her.

Quite a few faces with disapproval looks turned friendly towards her. Suddenly the lights went out. We lighted a candle and formed a circle around it with everyone facing (front side towards) the candle. We started the activity of  'story-weaving'; everyone adding a sentence. On the face of it (superficially), it stopped raining; but the moving in of clouds suggests that we will have to face (encounter)  more rains on our way back home. This room is like a rectangle and has four faces. Well, it has six faces and has a rectangular cube shape. Suddenly we heard a group of angry monkeys from the park that faces our building. Children's faces grew worried as those noises grew louder.

"What if they attack us now, in this dark?", it was little Vineesha's sad face (a look of sadness) reflected the candle's glow.  "We all can face up to (confront courageously) them, if we stick together as a group." The lights came back on making everyone's face glow.  Facing (dealing with) problems is a lot easier when lights are on, even in thunder storms like this. One student who usually shows her face (makes an appearance) and leaves was forced to stay back due to the rains. Even though I want to set my face against (disapprove strongly) such participants, just to save their face (to avoid embarrassment) I pretend to ignore. "When you pray to God with both your hands folded as in 'namaste', the little fingers face God, thumbs face you and the middle fingers are the ups and downs you face (go through) in life to reach God!" said Sneha with a divine spark on her face.

It definitely showed a totally different and matured face (aspect) of her. I thanked the children for taking part in this LEAF session, which adds a new face (dimension) to my life.

 "I'm going to give you all a ride home tonight." The face that peeked in was my dear husband's. It would save him from facing "I hope everyone got home safe"  music from me all night. Good night!