Sadar Bazaar right place to buy election paraphernalia

Sadar Bazaar right place to buy election paraphernalia

In shivering winter, the poll heat can be felt in Old Delhi’s Sadar Bazaar: home to the traders of election-campaign material.

The variety of campaign tools for almost all political parties are being sold in Delhi and even being imported from China. Largely, the customer base for these shop owners comprises either party workers or supporters.

“Our prime customers are political parties. However, supporters also buy party merchandise,” seller Rehmat Uddin said.

Growing digital campaign has led to the trendy and attractive paraphernalia. Traders are focusing on smart campaign material as parties have decided to go high-tech.

Products such as projector pens, 3D pocket calendars, 3D hand-fans, LED badges, wristband-cum-pen drives have added new colour to campaign merchandise.

Rashid Brothers, trader in Sadar Bazaar who has been selling projector pens from China, showcased the picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the wall of his shop. He said, “Most of my customers purchase paraphernalia showing Modi.”

Gupta Sons, another shopkeeper, said, “Even though this year the sales of Aam Aadmi Party’s election campaign paraphernalia are quite low, BJP’s merchandise’s on hot sell.” People were seen buying 3D pocket calendars and 3D fans in Sadar Bazaar. “These Chinese 3D articles are being sold at Rs 200 to Rs 300. AAP’s election campaign merchandise doesn’t include these articles,”

For the Delhi election, warm caps, T-shirts and the woollen Modi kurta is in much demand due the rising winter in the city.

Naresh Arora, a paraphernalia seller said, “These customers are demanding woollen caps, t-shirts and Modi-style kurta.” 

“Kejriwal’s mufller man campaign led the sale of mufflers as an important campaign merchandiser. However, most traders have claimed a slowdown in the sale of campaign material. They are banking on sales of the Chinese goods due to the Election Commission changing norms on restricted use of flags, posters and banners.”