Rolling out the red carpet

Rolling out the red carpet

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Rolling out the red carpet

It was surprises galore as the nominees for the 2015 Oscar awards were announced recently.

The competition is tight and why not with such movies as ‘American Sniper’, ‘Birdman’, ‘Boyhood’, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’,  ‘Selma’ etc competing for the honours? But as always, there were controversies about the choices as well.

That apart, movie-lovers are not just excited about these films but the ceremony itself, to be held next month, which promises to be a grand affair. However, for India, it’s disappointment yet again. It is disheartening that none of its movies have been nominated. Youngsters, however, have their opinions on this year’s nominations. They also explain why they look forward to the Oscars year after year.

Big dreams

Reehan, a first-year BBM student from CMRIT, says, “Academy Awards are prestigious as they honour all great works. The award recognises the dedication of actors and filmmakers. This is an important platform for young, upcoming filmmakers to take inspiration from world-renowned artistes.

This year, one of my favourite stars, Bradley Cooper, is nominated for the ‘best actor in a leading role’ for the movie ‘American Sniper’. I am a die-hard fan of his and I hope he wins the golden statue for his outstanding performance.”  Surprise element

Abdul MuqeeT ANSARI, a final-year BBM student from CMR says, “Last to last year, the Oscar awards had a lot of songs from the movie ‘Les Miserables’ which was fun to watch. It is great to know that ‘Theory of Everything’ actress Felicity Jones is being nominated for this year’s ‘best actress’ award. I loved the movie and I hope she wins the award as she deserves it. But, it is also very surprising to know that ‘Interstellar’ did not make it to the Oscars. It makes me think as on what basis they nominate the movies.” Drum delight

Aanchal PATNAIK, a first-year BCom student of Mount Carmel College says, “Academy Awards  unravels some of the most indigenous talents to the world. Indian filmmakers should work towards making meaningful movies worthy of an Oscar, rather than just make films as a business. I have heard a lot about ‘Whiplash’, an American movie on a drummer that is nominated for Oscar. Many of my friends want this movie to win the Oscars and I too feel the same. I plan to watch this movie before the award ceremony.”
Tough choice
Arbaz, a first-year BCA student of CMR says, “Not much importance is given to Indian cinema and even if Indian films do get nominated, it is very rare that they win any award. Last year, India had a good turnout as we had nominees like Bombay Jayashree and Gulzar.

Nevertheless, I am excited as two of the movies I have watched- ‘American Sniper’ and ‘Theory of Everything’ have been nominated for the ‘best picture’ award. It would be great to see either of them winning the Oscars as I can’t really choose between them.”

Glamour rules
ZaikA REHMAN, a first year BBM student of CMR college says, “Oscars encourage and motivate established filmmakers to be creative and come up with new techniques in filmmaking.

I think a lot of people are attracted to the glamorous and glitzy portrayal of the entire ceremony, which is another reason why the award ceremony is worth watching. The speeches by the winners are also extremely inspirational. I want Rosamund Pike, the ‘Gone Girl’ star, to win the award for the best actress as her performance in the movie was incomparable.” 

Playing politics

TejendrA singh, a student of MVJ College of Engineering says, “It is saddening as to how only films portraying India in the negative light are nominated.

 Oscars are biased and this year’s controversies are an example of it. There are no women directors nominated and all the actors nominated are whites.”

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