No stone unturned

No stone unturned

Sculpting glory

No stone unturned

Every Indian felt a sense of pride when ‘Mangalyaan’, India’s first mission to Mars, was launched successfully. 

Popular sculptor Kanaka Murthy, who also was ecstatic at the accomplishment, crafted a rocket for the team of ‘Mangalyaan’.

Kanaka, who has chiselled her way to success with a legacy of sculptures, decided to make this sculpture on the request of HN Suresh, Director of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

Since her niece knew a scientist from the team, Kanaka met Nitin Ghatpande, Group Director of Power Systems Group at ISRO, and a key member of the Mars mission, who showed her a morphed image of a satellite. Without further ado, she learnt about the technicalities of satellites, their functions and within three months, she produced the fabulous, fibre glass piece. 

Incorporating tradition and technology in red stone, the sculpture carries a circular disc with elements such as rocket, launch pad and an elliptical track. It depicts the sun or ‘Surya’ as the source of light and life.

 Though the symbol for Mars she saw on the internet depicted god riding a goat and carrying an arrow, she recreated it with peacock for aesthetic beauty.

The entire process was a learning experience for the dedicated artist.
“Nitin Ghatpande was very helpful. He told me that after a certain distance, the speed of the rocket was reduced as the fuel was less and also about certain changes in the track. It was a fruitful, learning experience for me,” she says. 

For Kanaka, sculptures are the perfect way to keep certain traditions alive among youngsters.

“People have to keep in touch with tradition. Though there are changes in society, artistes should stick to tradition.”

Her sculptures range from traditional idols that are worshipped in many temples to masterpieces of many personalities, which are present in many prominent places in the City. This is another precious feather in her hat.

Guests to her house can get a glimpse of a similar, smaller version of the sculpture. Kanaka has literally left no stone unturned by blending traditions with the modern developments of science!

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