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Last Updated 21 January 2015, 16:18 IST

The way to good money is through the stomach! This seems to be the mantra of many food-based start-ups in the City.

 There are innumerable food ventures offering healthy, quality food at an affordable price. 

While there are some with a centralised kitchen, there are others which function as a food truck. The idea behind each may be different but the purpose of all these companies is the same — to provide delicious food at your doorstep.

Manish Jethani, one of the founders of ‘SpoonJoy’, a start-up which provides healthy and delicious meals to office-goers, says, “Nowadays, working people have less time to cook and dealing with the cook’s erratic time and irregularity has left many people look at other options. As long as the place provides quality food at a reasonable price, the scope of growth is immense.”

People are also becoming conscious of what they are eating. Most of the food start-ups are also focussing on providing healthy food.

Technology too has helped bridge the gap between the consumer and market.
 “We use technology extensively to ensure that customers get nutritious and yet delicious food.

There are around 30 items that they can choose from. The entire process is in real-time. From the minute the customer places an order till the time it is prepared and delivered, which is within 30 minutes, everything can be tracked. People can even keep a tab on the status of delivery,” says Manish from SpoonJoy.

The food truck culture is also slowly spreading in the City. Various trucks moving from one location to the other, selling various items like burgers, hotdogs, and sandwiches, have become a common sight. The ‘SWAT’ truck. that stands for ‘Serving with a twist’provides authentic American food. 

   The team works six days a week from 7 pm to 9.30 pm and is constantly on the move giving every locality a taste of its food.

   Vivek Cornelio, a partner, says, “The concept of a food truck is new in India. But Bengaluru is catching up with it. People have accepted us and many even request us to come to their locality.” 

   Speaking about the challenges in the business, he says, “Starting a venture like this is a challenge in itself. In India, no company provides a customised kitchen truck. So we had to fabricate the truck into a kitchen. The scope is immense if the legalities and provisions are in place,” he adds.

‘Brekkie’ serves a balanced, wholesome breakfast straight to your home or office and also has a customised vending cart on100 Feet Road in Indiranagar.

Ashwin Chandrasekaran, one of the founders, says, “We like to change the menu everyday and this is something that even our customers have noticed. Initially, we used to target only young professionals.

But two months into the venture, we have couples, senior citizens and students ordering the food. So the market caters to people from various backgrounds and of different ages.”

(Published 21 January 2015, 16:18 IST)

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