Youngest motocross rider in India is a six-year-old

Youngest motocross rider in India is a six-year-old

Youngest motocross rider in India is a six-year-old

Meet six-year-old Raheesh Khatri — India’s youngest motocross rider — who would be among the star attractions at the India Bike Week to be held in Goa on February 20-21.

The wonder boy, who loves football and carom, practices at I-Land Racing Academy in Wadala here and attends the Army Public School.

Raheesh’s favourite riders are Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez and he hopes to drive for India one day.

Like his father, Mudassar Khatri, who is a passionate racer himself, Raheesh is an enthusiastic racer. The senior Khatri owns a superbike showroom at Palm Beach Road.

Asked how he feels on being the youngest Motocross, Raheesh said: “Very nice”.Following his father’s footsteps Raheesh has learnt to breathe, walk and talk motorcycles since a tender age. “Biking is in his blood. He had started showing interest when he was just one and at six he can do anything what other bikers can do. Life revolves around vroom vroom for him,” said  Raheesh’s mother Kainat Khatri. 

The boy started dirt biking on his Yamaha PW-80 with exhaustive practices; tedious physical training sessions and countless falls that made this six-year-old champ the youngest rider in the country to have ever participated in the All India Biking Championship Round 2.

Raheesh continues riding and practicing every weekend while also managing his studies. He gets the support of his school principal and all his racing buddies. Drag racing happens on a straight stretch of tarmac whereas motocross racing takes place on a specially designed circuit. The weight of these bikes is way too heavy to be controlled by a small child, but Raheesh manoeuvres them with ease. Motocross racing involves jumping several feet in the air and sliding over elevated sections of the track.

The  India Bike Week is one of the largest festivals of bikers, bikes and music. With around 12,000 bikers and 100 bikes on display including war classics and vintage bikes on display, it has become an annual event.