Hitching her wagon to the stars

Hitching her wagon to the stars

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Hitching her wagon to the stars

Actress Taapsee Pannu says she is tired of playing the girl next door. She is playing a pivotal role in the thriller ‘Baby’, alongside Akshay Kumar and Rana Daggubati.

She says, “This film is the perfect way to break my girl-next-door image. I have come to be known as a heroine who acts in romantic comedies, a chirpy heroine. I want to break that image before it forms.”

This is her second Hindi release, although ‘Runningshaadi.com’ was shot before this. Talking about her role in ‘Baby’, the ‘Chashme Baddoor’ actress says, “I play an undercover agent, a spy, who is trained in martial arts. Akshay had me trained by his personal trainer in the art of krav maga. I had to be convincingly stronger than my opponents. I couldn’t just throw a few punches and have them flying away.”

She says that the movie has a good message. “It is about how there are some people in this country, spies, who die in their line of work, but don’t get recognised for it. People know a little about defence but they will never come to know about the sacrifice of the undercover agents.”

According to her, one cannot be called an actor if they do not explore their options. “Being an actor, you cannot stick to one sort of role. You have the privilege to experience so many lives along with your own.”

Was it intimidating to work with Akshay Kumar? “It’s always intimidating to work with someone who has proven themselves in their field of work and works with such finesse. There is always that fear when you are working with the best that you will fall flat. But it was also a wonderful opportunity to learn, it was a challenge.”

Taapsee says her fans will see a different side of her. “‘Chashme Baddoor’ was a good way to enter into the industry and it helped me reach out to the masses. But with ‘Baby’, the audience will see a different side to me.”

What are the kind of scripts she is looking out for? “For the past two years, I have done movies that I feel I would want to see as the audience. I don’t want movies where I’m just the furniture and even if you took me out, it would be the same. I don’t mind any genre and I don’t have a dream role because once the movie is complete, you will have to find a new dream. I just look out for variety,” she ends.