Another plaint against CM in Arkavathi case

Another plaint against CM in Arkavathi case

Another plaint against CM in Arkavathi case

Another complaint filed against the chief minister before the Justice H S Kempanna Commission has claimed that the chief minister deleted 700 acres from Arkavathi Layout on March 31, 2014.

The complaint comes three days after Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) commissioner submitted a 33-page letter for the perusal of the government The complaint, however, did not name the chief minister or the BDA commissioner. 

Siddaramaiah has been at the helm of affairs since May 2013.

The complainant, Venkatramana Reddy, accused the chief minister of deleting land for “extraneous consideration”.

Stating that it was impossible for the chief minister not to be aware of a scam of
such huge proportion, Reddy said the deletion took place at the instance of the BDA commissioner and the chief minister.

The complainant has claimed that the chief minister and the BDA commissioner are “hand in glove” with real estate agents, land mafia, developers and others. Reddy has stated that there are instances where promoters, real estate companies, were involved in seeking deletion of expensive lands and the government and the chief minister have yielded. In the complaint, Reddy has also blamed the land acquisition officers (LAO) who were appointed in 2010 to conduct the exercise of verifying the six guidelines under which land could be deleted.

“When they (LAO) proceeded to the spot of the respective land as on 2010 and prepared reports based on their field study in respect of the six parameters and recorded the status as of 2010 of the court. Thus in 2010 they were reporting 2010 status and position of the land, but as per the court order, they had to verify the 2003 year positions and status of lands (sic),” the complaint stated.

Reddy has said that taking advantage of the 2010 report and by not referring to the 2003 spot inspection reports by BDA officials, in most of the cases, the LAOs “intentionally” brought lands into the pool of deletion by rigging reports in favour of the land owners.

“This gives a reason for the unexplained and shocking enhancements of deletions from 157 acres in 2006-07 to 707 acres in 2014 on the basis of the six guidelines,” the complaint stated.


Officials sought bribe to delete land

A complaint by a land owner, Y S Narendra Kumar, before the Justice Kempanna commission claims that Additional Special Land Acquisition Officer Boraiah and other officers sought a bribe of Rs 1 lakh per gunta to delete his land from the Arkavathi Layout, reports DHNS.

Filing an affidavit before the commission, Kumar said he has been fighting to get his land deleted under the sixth guideline of the High Court and Supreme Court directives. 

The complaint states that survey number 1/10, 20/1, 20/6, 20/2 and survey number 61 to 63 in Jakkur village were deleted from the layout. However, his land measuring 24 guntas with survey number 66/6 was not deleted. Kumar said he can provide evidence to prove his contention if required.  

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