Malpe gets solar-powered clinic

Malpe gets solar-powered clinic

Urban Health Centre in Malpe, became a solar powered clinic, with Philips Innovations CEO Srinivas Prasad inaugurating the solar facility provided by Philips recently, which is said to be the first of its kind in the country.

Started in 1967 by Dr TMA Pai, the centre provides maternal and child health services and takes care of general ailments of people in the region. The centre under administrative care of department of community medicine, Kasturba Medical College,

Manipal recently started screening activities for oral, breast and cervix cancers with support from Kasturba Hospital, Manipal.

With ever-increasing work at the clinic, need for uninterrupted power supply became imperative. The harnessing of solar energy which became operational will help to improve patient care in the centre.

In view of urgency and importance of having uninterrupted power in the clinic, Manipal University and Philips signed a MoU for the pilot project.

The centre will henceforth not depend on electricity to run appliances. This innovation by Philips is a centralised solar DC grid, which reduces dependency on grid power and contributes towards green energy. The solar solution provided in Malpe Clinic consists of 6 KWp solar panels.

It is expected to generate on an average nearly 12 units per day, and consumption of Malpe clinic is around eight units per day presently.

Srinivas Prasad said This initiative can serve as model to be replicated in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and rural areas across the country.
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