Devanur firm on primary edn in mother tongue

Devanur firm on primary edn in mother tongue

'Stop making announcements on Gokak model movement'

Writer Devanur Mahadeva, who declined to chair the forthcoming Kannada literary meet at Shravanabelagola, in Hassan district, from January 31 to February 3, on Sunday, expressed satisfaction over the possibilities of discussion and deliberation on the long-pending demand for primary education in mother tongue during the meet.

Speaking to media, on the sidelines of a farmers’ meet against the proposed amendments to the Land Acquisition Ordinance by the Central government, Devanur cautioned the State government against taking refuge in the Supreme Court order coming in the way of imparting primary education to students in their mother tongue (Kannada in the case of Karnataka).

Devanur urged the legislature to clear the obstacles as mentioned in the Right to Education Act (RTE Act). According to the RTE Act, a clause reads ‘as far as possible...’ Such confusions must be cleared and the changed law should be forwarded for the assent of the President of India.

Devanur said: “I have no objection, even if English and Hindi languages are accorded first and second language status respectively, and Kannada the third language. But, the medium of instruction should be the mother tongue”.

He asked the activists to stop making announcements for Gokak model movement, as the movement was restricted for safeguarding the interest of the language.
Now, we want to have mother tongue as the medium of instruction.