Bomb carrier woman was prisoner's moll

Bomb carrier woman was prisoner's moll

The woman, who was carrying the bomb in a bag on Ara court premises and which blew up accidentally on Friday thereby killing her and a constable, has been identified.

Hailing from Balia (Uttar Pradesh), the 32-year-old victim was married, had a child, but was having estranged relationship with her husband in Balia. A police source, quoting officers investigating the case, said that she was having a live-in relationship with an under-trial Lambu Sharma, who hailed from Sahar (Ara), her ancestral place.

“She entered the Ara court premises at 11.30 am on Friday and was supposed to pass on the crude bomb to her alleged paramour Sharma, who was then in custody and was being produced in the court. Seconds before she could do so, a constable passing from there brushed by the bag she was carrying, which led to the untimely blast,” said an officer, well versed with the chronology of the incident.

The woman, along with the constable Amit Kumar, died on the spot, while 16 others were critically injured in the blast. The melee, which took place following explosion, helped Lambu Sharma and another prisoner Akhilesh Upadhaya flee from the court premises. The police have launched a manhunt to trace the absconding prisoners and have detained Lambu’s brother, a computer operator, in this connection.

“Prima facie, it appears that Lambu, who had a live-in relationship with the woman, persuaded her to come to Ara and carry out the blast. Things will be more clear when we interrogate her family members,” said Inspector General (IG) A K Ambedkar. The initial breakthrough in the case was made when the police recovered her mobile. Eyewitnesses said that the woman was using an earphone while entering the court premises, although it is being ascertained whether someone was instructing her on phone on how and when to carry out the blast.

“We are trying to find out whether the bomb went off accidentally or she did it purposely to help her paramour flee,” said the senior cop, adding that had the bomb been passed on to Lambu Sharma, and if he had carried out the explosion on court premises, chances are the casualty would have been much higher.