'Poorvanchalis no more considered as migrants'

'Poorvanchalis no more considered as migrants'

Three-time MLA and former parliamentarian from west Delhi constituency, Mahabal Mishra, a Poorvanchali leader of the Congress, says he has no hesitation in contesting the Assembly polls despite being an MP earlier. In an interview with Kundan Jha, Mishra talks about his future agenda, opponents and the issues in the area.

What is your agenda for your constituency?  

Better connectivity in the area, up gradation of the transport facilities, improvement of the health centres in the area will be my priorities. Beside this, my focus will be on solving the sewage problem in the area and cleanliness.

Other than this, providing LPG pipelines in maximum houses (wherever it is technically possible) is my foremost priority. We will also working on providing better roads.

Besides the BJP, the AAP has also emerged as strong contender. Do you think the two parties would cut down Congress’ votes in Delhi polls?

We are not worried. People will vote on the basis of development they have seen and not under somebody’s influence. Congress has done praiseworthy development work in the capital.

The origin of AAP was a betrayal in itself. Also when Congress supported AAP to deliver its promises, Arvind Kejriwal failed and ran away.

Now after Kiran Bedi joined BJP, both parties have been exposed as the AAP is the B-team of the BJP.

Are you ruling out the BJP in your constituency? 

The BJP is making false and tall claims. Their central government failed to deliver during seven months. They were banking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name but have realised that no such wave will work in Delhi.

They then brought in Kiran Bedi as the face of the party. Delhi’s electorate understand that the opportunistic switch of Bedi to the BJP will not work.

The rival parties have also made corruption an issue against your party. What do you have to say?
Corruption charges against our party’s previous government in the state have never been proved, the rivals relied on falsehood in 2013 polls to mislead the voters. This trick is not going work again in this election.

You lost West Delhi Lok Sabha seat last year, are you confident of your victory in this Assembly election? 

I am confident enough. I have grown up in the area, every household knows me by name and face. I will get collective support from all the communities.

Illegal water connections and shortage of water are serious issues in west Delhi. What do you think?

I completely deny that illegal water connections exist in Dwarka constituency anymore. No resident has illegally taken a connection from Delhi Jal Board pipe or installed up an unauthorised submersible water pump.

But yes, I admit that water-related problems are yet to be solved in the constituency. When I was the MP of the area, I worked on building a 50 MGD underground water reservoir in Dwarka. As soon as the work gets over, 30 percent of the water issue will be solved.

Do you think the Congress lost the 2013 Assembly elections due to an exorbitant hike in power tariff?

No, I don’t think so. But yes, electricity price should be reduced but those who are claiming to bring down the monthly bills by half without improving the infrastructure and competition are just deceiving everyone.

What are the chances of the Congress coming back to power? 

As I said earlier, people are sensible enough. They will evaluate everything on their own and then decide on something. The Congress is not a new party. It has been trusted by people of the country for decades.

Poorvanchalis constitute a majority among the voters in your constituency. What are your plans for them?

Poorvanchalis are no more considered as migrants. They are equally contributing in the development of the city. Due to efforts made by former chief minister Sheila Dikshit, Chhath Puja is organised in a grand way every year.