A home away from home

A home away from home


A home away from home

When Subodh Raghuwanshi moved to Bengaluru eight years ago in search of a job, he didn’t really feel out of place.

He found that the City was home to people who spoke many languages and negotiated his way around speaking Hindi and English.

Soon, the native of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, decided to make Bengaluru his home and even built a house here to settle down on a permanent basis.

A lot of people may say Bengaluru has become ‘unlivable’ but Subodh begs to differ. He says there is no other city that is as good as Bengaluru.

His wife Mohini, also a native of Bhopal, recalls that she didn’t feel as comfortable as Subodh when she moved here after marriage.

She took time to adjust. “In Bhopal, our neighbourhood is like a close-knit community and people frequent each other’s houses often. But when I first came here, I noticed that people prefer keeping to themselves and don’t interact much. It came as quite a shock but I soon realised that this is indeed the culture of the City. Now, I’ve not only managed to find my way around the City but also have a handful of close friends,” feels Mohini.

Subodh thinks Bengaluru throws up a host of opportunities for any newcomer. “It is the hub of software companies. So there’s really no dearth of job offers,” he says. Mohini pitches in saying that she too worked for a while but then switched to taking tuitions at home.

“Our daughter was too young and I found working at home a better option. This gave me enough time to manage work and home,” she states.

The couple live off Sarjapur Road. “We didn’t want to live in an apartment so we chose to build a house. We decided to make this City our home after we learnt how things work here,” says Mohini and adds, “We celebrate almost all the festivals.”

The City offers an unlimited range of cuisines. Surprisingly, Subodh and Mohini have taken a liking to South Indian food and are open to experimenting with as many cuisines as possible.

“The choice of restaurants is impressive but I don’t find the ‘chaats’ here as good as what we get in Bhopal. They are not the authentic version. The real taste is missing,” feels Mohini. The family has done its share of visiting malls and markets and prefers open spaces such as Cubbon Park and Bannerghatta National Park.

Mention the word traffic and every Bengalurean frowns. But Subodh is optimistic and believes in doing his bit to not contributing to the growing vehicles in the City. “There is an enormous growth of vehicles in the City but that can’t be helped. I think people should start using more of the public transport and take office cabs. This will certainly ease traffic during peak hours,” reasons Subodh.  

The family visits their hometown once in a while. When they mention they are from Bhopal, they are always asked about the Bhopal gas tragedy. “It was most unfortunate man-made disaster. There are people who still suffer from the aftermath of the tragedy but things are looking up and infrastructure is being developed at a fast pace,” says Subodh.

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