Obama visit creeps into BJP campaign for Delhi

Obama visit creeps into BJP campaign for Delhi

Bedi cites it during electioneering, Upadhyay feels it's wrong to link it with polls

The Central BJP leadership is mulling selective use of US President Barack Obama’s three-day official visit for unleashing positive impact on Delhi poll campaign. However, party’s CM candidate Kiran Bedi and Delhi unit chief Satish Upadhyay publicly differed on it giving fodder to opposition to hit back at the NDA government.

BJP sources said that the party is contemplating to use some footages of what they claim highly successful Obama visit in the Delhi polls as it did in case of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Madison Square event during official tour to America last September in Maharashtra elections.

The party believes that it will have an impact on the middle class and educated people given the fact that it has taken the relationship between the two nations to a new high and brought hope of investments into the country.

The top leadership is still to take a final call, said sources.
Campaigning in her Krishna Nagar constituency, former IPS officer Bedi told the gathering that “today, Obama has come and all of India is flying. Modi has done so much. Obama would not just have come like that.”

Former Team Anna member Bedi, who was declared the face of polls days after she joined the BJP, went on to heap praise for Modi by saying that
“India now looks like the number one country in the world.”

However, Bedi’s strategic move did not find favour with Delhi BJP Chief Satish Upadhyay, sulking for being denied ticket to contest polls, though officially he putting up a brave face.

Upadhyay, who has been politically hit by AAP charges of business malpractices and conflict of interest, said the international visit should not be dragged into state elections.

On Bedi’s remark, Upadhyay stated, "I don't think Obama's India visit has got anything to do with the elections and it should not be linked to the elections".

Upadhyay’s statement echoed in the stand taken by rival parties Congress and AAP but that did not deter Bedi.

Bedi takes pride
“People can say what they want, I am proud that Modi ji invited Obama ji and the latter came to India,” Bedi insisted, perhaps to counter opposition charge that Modi is still to deliver his promise.

AAP leader Sanjay Singh latched on to Bedi’s move to exploit US president visit, saying that the BJP was attempting to rev up its dwindling support by referring to Obama’s visit during the electioneering.

‘BJP restless’
“This reflects the restlessness and helplessness of BJP. As the party is not being able to garner support, it is using the Obama card. I feel that the BJP should organise an election rally at the Ramlila Maidan and they should ask Mr Obama to talk there,” Singh said.
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