Straight from the heart

Straight from the heart

Unconventional Tone

Straight from the heart

India’s magical percussion virtuoso, Trilok Gurtu, has added yet another feather to his already colourful hat through his latest album, ‘Spellbound’. 

From one legend to another, the album’s improvised jazz tunes are a tribute to the tumultuous trumpeter, Don Cherry. The music explores a unique sound, devoid of any cliched tones, and is selling like hot cakes in Europe. 

The percussionist succeeds in building a bridge between continents and cultures through his unique collaborations of worldwide musicians for the album. 

“Musicians have explored their talent and creativity to the maximum while working on this album. I hope this album will succeed in India,” says the grey-haired musician. 

The emotional turnover takes place during the first 30 seconds of the album, in a heart-warming collaboration between Trilok and Don. 

‘Spellbound’ is an engaging and a stylistically varied album that truly evokes the magic of Cherry’s music. Acknowledged as one of the most open-minded and ground-breaking percussionists, he is famous for integrating non-traditional elements like swords and buckets into his sounds. 

Musicians from the classical realm to pop-culture look up to him with awe. A fun-loving musician, whose passions flit effortlessly from jazz, Indian classical music, improvisational music and pop, he is also known for savouring the best of Carnatic music and imbibing its rich quality into his sound. 

He fondly recalls the collaboration between music stalwarts Palghat Mani Iyer and ML Vasanthakumari. “I can listen to them for hours,” the Hindustani musician muses.Of the things he wishes to see improve in the music industry is the further grounding and educating of the youth in classical music. 

 “To have a clean base, there is a need to be ingrained in classical music. Music has to be played from the heart, without any fear and doubt. 

Even when one innovates and experiments through music, such experiments have to be from the heart. An attitudinal shift of what youngsters perceive about music is needed.” 

Trilok loves to move out of his comfort zone and wade through a non-conventional path and hence it’s not surprising that his aim for the year is to mainly to venture into the spiritual path. 

He wishes to play more of trumpet and saxophone and see Cuban orchestration music come into India. He also has many projects on the loop, solo and collaboration with musicians.  

When asked if he can describe music, he says, “One cannot describe music, just like one cannot describe god. People should use music as a vehicle to promote peace and shouldn’t misuse it. A lot of people misuse their power in the name of god and music.”

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