A crisp delight

A crisp delight

A crisp delight

According to most foodies, a perfectly crisp and spice-smeared dosa, served with coconut and coriander chutney is something to die for! This has become easier to find in the City thanks to the number of ‘dosa camps’ that have cropped up. 

These camps are a boon to the vegetarians who like variety in their dishes. Be it paneer mushroom dosa, palak mushroom dosa, paneer corn dosa, Mysuru dosa or cheese dosa, the list goes on. 

Always surrounded by foodies, these dosa camps, which are located on many streets of the City, seem to have great business. Durga Dosa Camp is known for the variety of tasty dosas it serves and is sought-after by dosa-lovers. 

“I open my shop at 4 in the evening and the business goes on till 11 in the night. It is always crowded with all kinds of people. The dosas have become the daily meal of many people who work nearby,” says Dharma, owner of Durga Dosa Camp.

It is not just South Indians who are a fan of these dosas. Many foreigners enjoy them too! Nadia and Bandurna enjoyed digging into some crispy dosas at Durga Dosa Camp. “I was shocked to see this small streetside shop offering 99 varieties of dosas! I ate paneer masala dosa which was very tasty,” says Bandurna, who hails from Sydney. 

 An excited Nadia says, “I found the dosa to be very spicy. But I am glad to have tasted it.”

Says Rithika, who is from Chennai, “I came here to try different kinds of street food as I have heard a lot about it. The Mysuru dosa is something to drool over.” 

Another dosa camp in Indiranagar, ‘Om Sai Durga’, also offers 99 varieties of dosas to dosa-lovers. “I serve dosas to more than 300 people in a day and most of them are regulars. The ingredients essential for the dosas like masalas, paneer, mushroom, corn and palak are freshly prepared at home,” says Dinesh, one of the owners. 

Venkatesh, a regular here, says, “This is our most favourite place for dinner. My family is always ready to come here and prefers this place over any other restaurant.”

Say a couple from Mumbai, who visit dosa camps every weekend, “We are true dosa lovers and have explored all the dosa camps located at different corners in the City. We have tried almost all the varieties. Om Sai Durga dosa camp is one of the best dosa joints in the City.”

These dosas are not only preferred as they are a quick snack, but also because they are cost effective. “They are reasonable and inexpensive. They are better than the dosas served at the restaurants. These camps maintain cleanliness and hygiene along with giving you the best taste,” says Shobini, a professional.

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