The right way to stay fit

The right way to stay fit

It is important to stay fit and maintain a healthy body and mind. Today, people may not have the time to go to the gym thanks to their hectic lifestyle.

But there are many simple ways in which they can stay healthy and enhance their metabolism. 

Dr Prema, senior dietician and nutritionist, says, “We are what we eat.” Her advice is eat at regular intervals throughout the day. “The three main meals — breakfast, lunch and supper — must contain the maximum number of carbohydrates and fats as they help one stay energetic and perform physical activities with ease. The other small meals should contain a lot of macronutrients,” she informs. She also feels that walking for an hour a day helps to a great extent. 

Many nutritionists feel that organic food is a good option as it contains agro-chemicals. Nikhil Bhatia, operational manager, Gold’s Gym, who has been in the field for 11 years, suggests that one should work out for an hour everyday and consume six meals at regular intervals with more macronutrients and less micronutrients to keep fit. 

“The exercise and diet regimen should be changed every six weeks otherwise the body will get used to it and stop responding,” he notes. According to him, consuming tea or coffee with snacks or biscuits is healthier than having it on an empty stomach. 

Archana, a power yoga instructor and freelance fitness trainer for corporates, says, “Follow a normal diet and do the right kind of exercises. The quality of the food is more important than quantity. And before you start exercising, it is essential to consult a doctor to know the right kind exercise for your body,” she says. 

The youngsters in the City are highly health-conscious and take time out to stay fit. 

“Fitness is a lifestyle and I enjoy leading one,” says Shreedhar R, who goes to the gym at least four to five days a week. “I feel very good when I go to the gym. It’s gives me a sense of peace and happiness and my days are incomplete without it. Fitness means staying in shape which in turn boosts one’s self-esteem,” he adds.

According Siv Sankar, a bank employee, “Staying fit makes me feel more confident and gives me positive energy throughout the day.” He works out regularly and likes to have green tea in addition to consuming the right food.